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Metro 2033: Ingenious End Time Drama with Tunnel View and Lots of Information about The Story and Location | 10 years ago

Pretty much exactly 10 years ago, I not only played and benchmarked Metro 2033, but also examined the story behind it. Because I was not only once in Moscow and know the also Metro from my own excursions quite well. I was also able to find something new, because as a student and foreigner, in the days of the Soviet regime, one always had the ubiquitous watchdog beside you and the information was, let's say politely, filtered a little. But I, too, have been walking in the tubes before - without a comfortable train and coin insertion.

For us, a game like Metro 2033 is both an exception and a stroke of luck. On the one hand, it promises a gripping story, on the other hand, you can measure the game at any time against the book on which it is actually based. The result of the symbiosis between modern Russian literature and digital implementation is a dark end-time shooter, which THQ presents to us as a contrast to the dawning spring. What awaits us?  On the one hand, a Fallout3-compatible end-time scenario, 20 years after a fictitious nuclear strike in which life takes place almost exclusively in the Moscow underground, and on the other hand, a DirectX11 game, which is supposed to leave no eyes dry and no graphics card cold, one believes the promises of the makers.

Filled with so much anticipation and expectation, we played the game through to the end in order to be able to combine the most objective assessment from a player's point of view with the usual technical assessments and benchmarks. Great world cinema or Russian art? We will try to clarify it on the next pages.

 Main menu and starting point of our expeditionAnd we would certainly not be us if we had not also looked at the environment and the real template beforehand. Because otherwise you can't do justice to a potential snarling. Interested? Then on to Russia! For those who already know Moscow, it will be a nice memory – for others it will be a completely new experience. 

The Metro and the Chapters of HorrorMan has always been able to drive immensely large distances for very small money, the Moscow Metro is unique and leaves a lasting memory for everyone. Whether it's the minute-long journey between the stations or the glamorous stations themselves, none of which resembles the others – you just can't escape the spell. We will, of course, first clarify what was and what is. What will be better, so better what might become, we will leave it to the game in the end. And so we now build the bridge from 1935, through 2010 to 2033. Let's start with the time travel, however, first in 2002…

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