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Intel looking for board partners for ARC Alchemist – Small portfolio seeks new manufacturers

Disclaimer: The following article is machine translated from the original German, and has not been edited or checked for errors. Thank you for understanding!

It’s no secret that GPU manufacturers (have to) rely on board partners in addition to the so-called reference design and the production of their own graphics cards, in order to be able to exist on the market with a broad impact, and you can see it very clearly with the motherboards that you need the variety of custom designs as a manufacturer in the end, in order to be able to pick up as many customers as possible. Not only the actual features, but also the appearance and brand affinity play a very important role.

I already wrote over a year ago that Intel had contacted various manufacturers regarding the GPUs (a visit to MSI also played a role), whereby the possible cooperation with many well-known names in the graphics card industry could prove to be rather difficult. The biggest obstacle here should be the benefits of exclusive partnerships with the AIC (NVIDIA) and AIB (AMD), as many of these manufacturers, who have already been on the market for years, have entered into tough exclusivity agreements with one of the two major GPU manufacturers, which they obviously don’t want to risk or put at risk.

Such an exclusive partnership has advantages and of course disadvantages, because times are constantly changing and it is of course also immensely important which of the two previous GPU providers was ahead in the customer’s favor. The biggest disadvantage is when you can only play second fiddle for years because your GPU partner is behind in performance, of all things. On the other hand, the benefits also include preferential supply of GPU RAM kits, as well as better technical support from the local FAE and the R&D departments of the respective GPU manufacturers. I’m just reminding here of NVIDIA’s Greenlight program and the thumbscrews present daily to keep partners exactly on track. Something like this leaves no room for blue experimentation.

However, the big conglomerates like Asus, MSI and Gigabyte (as well as ASRock in parts for CPUs) are an exception, e.g. they support several manufacturers so far, because they can afford to do without exclusive contracts due to their size and market positioning. With ASRock, for example, I never understood why they got involved with only one of the two GPU manufacturers, but since ASRock jumped on the graphics card business so late, gaining experience and a certain focus on what was feasible probably also played a role here. This means that it is perhaps not impossible that the trio of potential Intel partners reported by the Chinese media could quickly become a quartet.

Raja Koduri, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics (AXG) Group at Intel Corporation (what a long title) had recently expressed himself rather unclear in an interview with Chinese media, who exactly (and in which form) would be a potential partner for custom designs, but it will probably come down to the above-mentioned three (or four) major manufacturers, while the classic graphics card manufacturers will certainly not be on board.

That companies like Asus and also MSI want to secure themselves a piece of Intel’s new graphics cake can almost be seen as confirmed, for Gigabyte it will probably also play a role to what extent the slightly stricken company can reposition itself and also contribute financially at all. If you ask in the classic strongholds of NVIDIA and AMD, you will only get a shake of the head and a twitch of the switch, especially since you may not really trust the whole thing yet. In these companies, you have way too much to risk in switching providers for it to really be worth the risk. And the first works reported don’t look that turgid either, so that one would throw one’s own philosophy out of the window because of the euphoria.

Interestingly, one hears behind the hand again and again the argument that one cannot estimate the time and perseverance with Intel’s foray into the world of end user graphics cards, which can of course decide the existence of one’s own company with such specialized manufacturers. If Intel suddenly loses interest after one or more attempts, you would be left with nothing.

Only three GPU variants at launch?

Intel’s ARC Alchemist graphics card rumors currently point to just three GPUs, which are said to target the high-end sector, the upper mid-range, and the and entry-level sector of the gaming market. Also here I had already reported a long time ago that the complete expansion with 512 EU is set (SKU1), just as the salvage variant of the large chip with then 384 EU (SKU2). More interesting should be the SKU5, which with 128 EU could round off the somewhat thin portfolio at least downwards. As my article from May 2021 certainly offers more interesting content and whoever is interested is recommended to read it:

Intel Xe-HPG based DG2 with 5 different chips – new slides and confirmations

If we remember back, I had already suspected a TDP of about 275 watts for the top model back then, but this could not be confirmed so far. But rumors are growing that this is exactly what could happen. This would at least put it on par with the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, which is judged to be rather inefficient, and which would probably be attacked by the biggest Intel model in terms of performance. Such a constellation is certainly not really optimal, but in times where everything sells that somehow has a plug, that’s enough for a start. So let’s be surprised.

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Kommt auch auf den Endkundenpreis an würde ich sagen....

Antwort Gefällt mir



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Naja Igor wie immer gut, aber und jetzt kommt es auch xfx war mal NV Only und jetzt nach massiven Streit auf AMD gewechselt. Was ich damit sagen wollte Geld und diverse Vorteile könnten eine Größe Rolle spielen. Grade die Aktuelle Situation könnte für Intel nicht besser sein 😉.

Da die beiden Lager nix im unteren(200€)Bereich anbieten

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879 Kommentare 218 Likes

Hat PcPartner nicht noch ne Marke/Firma rumfliegen die man mit Intel verbandeln könnte?

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156 Kommentare 30 Likes

Wird interessant, welche Hersteller auf den Intel GPU Markt aufspringen. Vielleicht stehen ja auch wieder Marken auf, die in der Versenkung gelandet sind, oder neue Tochterunternehmen🤔

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148 Kommentare 115 Likes

Mal sehen ob auch unbekannte Hersteller dann ne Intel Graka fertigen. Bleibt spannend

Antwort 1 Like



287 Kommentare 226 Likes

Preis/Leistung entscheidet am Ende!

Ich bin auf XeSS mehr gespannt… testen er will 🤪

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494 Kommentare 141 Likes

Wie wäre es mit Voodoo Graphics ;)
Gab es da nicht in diesem Jahr ein Gerücht zu?
Bin auch gespannt wie die Preis Leistung ist und ob Intel liefern kann... Vorallem letzteres wäre in der momentanen Situation ein Pluspunkt, da muss die Leistung nicht mal High End sein, geht eh alles wie geschnitten Brot weg...

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Oder ne Hercules 3D Prophet 😂

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Schaden kann ein weiterer Hersteller jedenfalls nicht. Hoffen wir mal, das Intel was vernünftiges auf die Kette bekommt. Für viele User wäre eine preiswerte Karte mit den Leistungen einer 3070ti definitv ein Segen.

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Da kann ich nur zustimmen. Bin gerade bei der Frage der Umrüstung von der 5700XT auf was besseres. Da kam ich auch auf die 3070Ti, aber bei dem Preis kann ich auch eine 6800XT nehmen. Was mich bei den neuen Nvidia außer dem Preis eben abschreckt, ist der geringe RAM im Vergleich zu AMD. Trotzdem scheint wohl die 3070Ti in den Tests besser abzuschneiden. Naja, mal sehen, was die Miner bei Ebay für meine 5700XT bezahlen, da werde ich dann klarer sehen. Einen Rechner habe ich ja jetzt gerade auf Nvidia (Radeon RX 590 zu einer RTX 2060) umgerüstet. Wenn die Leistung mich da überzeugen kann, wird es vielleicht doch eine 3070Ti. Mal abwarten, eilt ja auch nicht.
Zum Artikel noch: ein 3.ter Mitspieler im Grafikkarten-Markt wird sicher nicht schaden. Aber da entscheidet sicher auch das PL-Verhältnis.

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