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Unfortunately, Gelid Solutions does not only exchange the packaging of the GC Extreme

The hallmark of the fairly inexpensive but truly recommendable Gelid GC Extreme was a slightly more viscous but very performant paste in a yellow-green labeled syringe and with a spatula that helped with spreading and made more than one generation of PC hobbyists happy. But we know it: Gelid is not a manufacturer, but a pure bottler. The advantage is at least that Gelid can still influence what actually ends up in such a tube.

The recently available blue tube comes without a spatula, but with a rubber applicator, which already foreshadows bad things.  And yes, the new paste is significantly thinner and a bit stickier, which I’m sure the target audience of the old GC Extreme won’t like. With 8.5 W/mK Gelid certifies in the specs of the new paste the same thermal conductivity and also the price has remained the same, but the advantage of a slightly more viscous paste, which could score especially on rather curved and / or uneven surfaces, are unfortunately a thing of the past.

If you are looking for a substitute in the future, e.g. for use on a vapor chamber that is not quite flat, you should rather go for another paste that is a bit more viscous. What confuses the end user, however, is the fact that the paste is sold under the same manufacturer code (TC-GC-03-A). This is misleading and unfortunately also a bit dishonest, because I am sure that many a shop has not yet replaced the old product images, but is already shipping newer products. I guess you can just warn here, because it’s not what you knew (and really appreciated) until earlier this year. As soon as there is a little more air, a test should of course be carried out. Perhaps this paste has other merits as well.



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Das mit dem selben Hersteller Code würd ich nun nicht nur unehrlich nennen, wenn es sich um ein anderes Produkt handelt, sondern schon Betrug.

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Es ist ein Unding, dass die Hersteller bei gleicher Produktbezeichnung ihre Produkte durch Änderung von Komponenten schlechter machen, LTT hatte da mal in Sachen RAM recherchiert. Ich wurde auch schonmal Opfer dieser "Strategie", danke Kingston :poop:

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Ich kann das so nicht bestätigen, bei mir ist es genau andersrum. Die blaue ist merklich dicker und performt besser als die gelbe. Dazu muss ich sagen, dass mein Notebook sehr empfindlich auf die Viskosität reagiert, Pasten mit niedriger Viskosität sind schlechter. Auf einer Desktop CPU muss es nicht zwangsläufig zu einem Temperaturunterschied kommen. Es ist jedoch definitiv nicht vertrauenerweckend, wenn sich 2 Pasten mit gleicher Bezeichnung derart unterscheiden.

Gelid GC-Extreme gelb 23.2

Gelid GC-Extreme blau 23.2

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