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igor’sLAB investigates heatspreaders of CPUs and radiator floors with real high-tech – new insights guaranteed! | Reader action

I had already mentioned in the article "Intel Core i9 vs. AMD Ryzen 9: How convex or concave are the current heatspreaders really and what are the consequences?" roughly torn, where I see the problem of the so-called IHS. The feedback from the readers was very positive, with voices also being heard calling for a more accurate investigation. Although the methods used in the article were useful and easy to implement, they were unfortunately not scientifically accurate.

I am all the more pleased that renowned research and research Development departments have become aware of this series of articles in particular and our publication in general and have unselfishly offered me exactly the technical support that is really needed for final and truly resilient results. . Because the equipment used for this purpose far exceeds the possibilities of a (albeit very well-equipped) editorial team. From this point of view, my thanks go already to all the helpers who have contributed so intensively in their limited free time.

Without wanting to spoil too much in advance – the effort has really paid off so far! And we'll see once again that some CPU model series require more and others need less thermal paste and why. In addition, we will of course also examine the counterpart, i.e. the respective radiator floor. There, too, there are interesting insights up to deformations due to screwing and other things.

I plan to illuminate the history of AMD and Intel heatspreaders separately and, in a third part, to merge these findings with the cooler data. There is a lot of work and time for research behind it, so sometimes it happens that I can't see a review every day. Nevertheless, I am not only dependent on the technically equipped facilities, but also on you, the readers.

For the Intel story, I still need broken CPUs, which we measure in the lab and, if necessary, can also be head once. Because such a Die is already more crooked than a proper heatspreader. I will also publish these examples, but I simply need more input for a more general statement. If you still have defective (even older) AMD or Intel CPUs and would like to get rid of them and send them to a meaningful purpose: I ask for it! 🙂


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