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Gainward RTX 2080 Phantom GLH in review – Reason card behind bars | igorsLAB


In contrast to the SuperJetsream of the parent company (same board), Gainward has opted for a three-fan solution. You can like it, or you can't. Asians like to imply fan numbers with performance, so be it. Visually, the map is quite good at it, because it at least stands out.

So the look fits, the performance also. Seen in this light, this card as a 2.5 slot design is a good alternative to Nvidia's Founders Edition. In addition, as the title of the review already contains, it is a rather restrained solution with a reasonable Power Target, but that it can hardly be significantly increased if desired. Nevertheless, the clock rates within the framework of the chip and its possibilities are perfectly fine.

I quickly summarize what I wrote in detail on the last pages, because the reader always needs a little reminder. And for the typical first-last-page readers, I would even have the hidden hint that it is well worth reading the rest in between. It's more interesting than you might think 😉

Per Cons
Sufficient cooling performance
Ordinary components
Thoughtful board layout
Clean processing
Power Target barely uptoforable
Light engine noise
OC-BIOS (1) without fan stop


I don't want to give a purchase recommendation because of the currently high prices, that would be somehow cynical today as with the other cards. But the manufacturer can't sell anything for it and the goods can't sell below value. But it's a decent graphics card with no real flaws, but also without groundbreaking highlights. But it would also be much louder and hotter, so that you can really call this card neat. As always, the rest is decided by price, brand affinity and/or design. And very subjectively with the buyer. That's where I'm out.

I tested the card exclusively before launch, but availability should be available over the next two weeks. Then there will be GS ("Golden Sample") and GLH ("Goes Like Hell").


Gainward GeForce RTX 2080 Phantom GLH, 8GB GDDR6, HDMI, 3x DP, USB-C (4177)

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