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Adapter gate? NVIDIA briefs all board partners this morning and makes damage an absolute boss issue

That this will not happen without noise and a bigger wave with the faulty 12VHPWR adapter (“must break”), whose investigation I had published as an article and video this morning, was actually already clear before. But the fact that NVIDIA reacts so quickly and consistently to the prior reporting didn’t only surprise me. You really have to give the manufacturer credit for that in this case, even though damage and cost limitation might also play a big role, of course. Not to mention the image.

The adapter in question is supposed to come from Astron, the company that also produces and sells such connectors. This has a bad taste in that the engineers there should have known better. Such soldering processes from thick to thin, as well as pressed cables without real strain relief in the plug, are not only mischief and grossly negligent from a technical point of view, but actually also prohibited because they contradict all rules of electrical engineering. NVIDIA has not yet made a public statement, but has already contacted all affected board partners. Since I have the possibility to directly ask the responsible persons in the big companies, I could already catch one or the other statement.

NVIDIA just notified all AIC this morning… All damaged cards need to be sent directly to HQ for failure analysis, this is first time… Even few years ago when 2080 Ti got issue with Micron, they didn’t do this.


So it will be interesting to see what exactly is the reaction now. A recall and replacement of the faulty adapter would actually be logical, because this problem can’t be sat out anymore. And no, it’s not because of the propagated 12VHPWR, but because of the lousy implementation by NVIDIA’s supplier.

The research on the adapter as article and video

If you want to know what’s behind it in detail, I’d like to refer you to the detailed article and my video 🙂

Das Grauen hat ein Gesicht – NVIDIAs heißer 12VHPWR Adapter für die GeForce RTX 4090 mit eingebauter Sollbruchstelle


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