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XFX RX 6600 SWFT 210 SPEEDSTER 8GB Review vs. Frankenstein mod – Comparison

Disclaimer: The following article is machine translated from the original German, and has not been edited or checked for errors. Thank you for understanding!

Today is the moment of truth and I am once again checking myself. How good was my so-called Frankenstein mod really? I received a second XFX card for retesting, but was fair enough to put its shroud on the already tested board including cooler without disassembling the card as such again. Thus, the measurement results for the cooling and the volume are then also 1:1 comparable, because we can elegantly exclude the chip lottery with it. So these are ideal conditions,

Let’s start with the temperatures and the fan speed, whereby I already have to state here that the clock rate turns out absolutely identical. Which in turn then also applies to the gaming performance, so I can also leave that out as an extra graphic, because the results are congruent. That was the first realization. The temperatures are about 2 degrees higher with the original fans than with the Frankenstein mod with the MSI fans, which is still not a disaster. This actually still fits perfectly, as it does not yet have a negative effect on the beat.

The fan speeds of the fans from XFX with the 11 rotor blades (instead of the 14 of the MSI card) are about 100 rpm lower. We will see in a moment how this affects the noise development. Again, both variants are still very similar.

Also the board is in somewhat the same heat and the hotspots are amazingly similar. I’m just saying power, tracks, and board losses. But no matter, it can’t be helped and in direct comparison it’s neither better nor worse.

Which finally brings us to the volume. The card from XFX with the original fans is about 0.5 dBA louder than the Frankenstein mod, which you don’t notice as a difference at first. However, the fan noise is a bit more growly and lower-frequency, which can be seen very well on the frequency analysis of the entire frequency band. It’s not really loud, though, and it’s no more audible out of a closed case.

Summary and conclusion

What did we learn today? The original card with the fans working is no worse than what we have already seen at launch, the performance is the same and the temperatures in somewhat as well. MSI had very good fans years ago and I could have actually saved myself the retest. But it was necessary to validate the launch article once again as well. With that I let you go into the weekend and amuse my children today. That, too, is proper. 🙂

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Heute schlägt die Stunde der Wahrheit und ich überprüfe mich wieder einmal selbst. Wie gut war mein sogenannter Frankenstein-Mod wirklich? Ich habe eine zweite XFX-Karte zum Nachtest erhalten, war aber so fair und habe deren Shroud auf die bereits getestete Platine samt Kühler gesetzt, ohne die Karte als solche noch einmal zu demontieren. Damit sind...
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