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Steelseries Arctis Prime Review – Simple headset without frills

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Overall, the Steelseries Arctic Prime can actually do quite well, but as a competitor, I think they picked too strong an opponent. The HyperX Cloud Alpha delivers a slightly different, but still very good sound and also manages to be operated without a quiet background noise for me.

On top of that, the Cloud Alpha has the benefit of almost weekly discount promotions, some on the fantastic price of just £49 including delivery. Beating such a well-rounded offer is practically impossible. And so Steelseries has to admit defeat here, in terms of direct comparison. If you value a retractable microphone, control buttons directly on the headset and a more comfortable wearing mechanism, the Arctis Prime might be worth a look.

The test sample was provided by Steelseries without obligation. There was and is no influence on the tests and results. There was also no compensation for expenses and no obligation to publish.

Tip: Steelseries often offers products at a lower price than third-party shops.

SteelSeries Arctis Prime (61487)

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Der proprietäre anschluss wäre für mit der absolute nicht kaufen grund.
Schnell ist ein kabel gebrochen und man bekommt keinen oder nur teuren ersatz.

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Tim Kutzner


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Finde ich auch ein wenig komisch, dass man sich dafür entschieden hat.
Mir fällt kein wirklich sinnvoller Grund ein

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