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Software error? Telekom releases first UHD TV channel and premium customers look into the tube

On 23.11.2018 Telekom, together with the obligatory media frenzy with RTL (broadcast station 190), released the first UHD television station - provided the appropriate tariff and the appropriate end device. Only what was announced with a lot of effort, for many customers in the end probably only remained a thick PR bubble. We have simply tested the whole thing ourselves and will continue to report on the self-test, which also failed and the consequences...

On Friday, 23.11.2018, Telekom released the first UHD tv station with RTL (broadcast station 190) along with the obligatory media frenzy – provided the appropriate tariff and the appropriate terminal. Specifically, all customers with tariffs starting at MagentaZuhause L upwards, which have also included MagentaTV, should benefit from the new pixel. Should, because what was announced with a lot of effort, in the end only a thick PR bubble remained for many customers.

Made aware by acquaintances that this offer does not work at all (I couldn't find anyone who could confirm the functionality of UHD to me), I recreated the whole thing on my own receiver, because due to time constraints I did not deal with it at first. and RTL is also not necessarily one of my regular broadcasters with the content offered. Ok, Formula One could have been watched at least at the weekend, but that was nothing.

The tariff MagentaZuhause Giga used here is still far above what is required as a basic requirement. Said, done. But I, too, remain excluded from the advertised offer, whereby the error message seems almost funny if it were not such a silly mourning game overall. You then read these funny text modules when calling:

Not booked? As actually, because there is no UHD book option at all. By the way, this with the "further information" is also such a strange thing in itself, because you end up with it right here:

Hmm, ok. Not so long ago, I had broken in the article "As promised, so broken? Gigabit Internet in Self-Experiment" has already written about certain tariffs and the problems with EntertainTV. And so I also used my carefully guarded phone numbers again, which save me the detour via the annoying level one of the hotline, where you have to go through the entire checklist all the time until you are allowed to go where you actually go. Want. If you don't fly out of the line unexpectedly beforehand.

After a total of seven (!) Calling the hotline, I was told I wasn't alone in this problem. I've been smart since Friday. However, it was thought that the manually initiated software download and subsequent firmware update would be able to fix everything immediately. If someone doesn't know how to do it: Disconnect the media receiver from the mains, turn it back on, wait for the charging info to arrive and then manually disconnect completely from the power supply. All this then three times in a row.

Let only run on the fourth time and then bring a bucket of patience. The approx. By the way, 30-second download is done quickly, only what comes next is more of a patient and steely nerve. After the message "Start" the box stands after the red illuminated power button, the first time is mausetot. For almost 5 minutes. Those who do not know that the whole thing cannot be broken off at this point have already lost. By the way, one does not get any hint of this sham-dead behavior, because this function is only intended for trained technicians. Aha!

But even this action, except to kill time, has brought nothing further. The only UHD channel and, by the way, all contents of the megathek are not available. Whereby the megathek ends at the start of a movie in the green screen and you also have to restart the box completely, because nothing else is possible. Before the big software update with personalized home screen, which nobody needed and wanted, everything went by the way.

The current status now looks like that I was suggested a trick that then looks like this: Booking the SMS and fax for 0 Euros to my contract in order to force an update of my record, as this can also be done from the service area without a complete restart on the location of the feed could not do without the other customers immediately increasing with the network… Why anytime. Sounds a bit adventurous, but if it helps? By the way, I'm still waiting for this mail with the confirmation.

Obviously, one has probably simply forgotten that there are also other tariffs above MagentaHome L. The L customers are said to have been converted as early as Friday. However, I do not know anyone who has been able to confirm this to me in a positive way. For this purpose, a hotline employee then read me selected lawsuits from the back office, which came from equally annoyed customers. Cross all tariffs. Same error picture, baffled technicians.

Tomorrow we will be in day five and I am curious if and when something will happen. At least the megathek would be useful and at the moment I am only interested in the image quality, but not the content. That would be a completely different construction site. So, dear Telekom: first test and then apply! Unfortunately, you can't see hot air. Not at all in Ultra-HD…


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