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CeBIT in the photo mixer: The slightly different re-reading with a little wistfulness

R.I.P. CeBIT! Hall comes from Halle - if no one comes. The best real-time indicator of a displeting total number of people was the faster Wi-Fi and the freer mobile networks. A photographic obituary.

Hello McFly, someone at home? Well, not now. With the CeBIT in the last few years it was like a crashing passenger lift: it went down rapidly and nobody could get off. But at some point the cellar always comes and at the latest when it comes to the finances, even the loudest manager becomes very small after the bang.

Osteria, Restaurant Berlin and the Seasonic Gumbears. Much more has hardly remained in the memory in hindsight. You can also ennoble unplannedness to the concept and stylize your own sausages for muddling through. Or the trade fair management has simply run out of green plants, with which the corridors to the empty halls had been cleverly adjusted. Or both, oh who knows…

Will I miss CeBIT? I haven't missed her since 2015. In the end, the small animal breeders' fair in Chemnitz was more interesting, even if ceBIT could at least still score with fancy rabbits. But since #metoo has even reached Hanover, this has also been the case. There were no new products for the editor, nor any things at all that would have justified at least the travel expenses. Not to mention your own life.

In the end, it was always a meeting of the last uprights with dozens of China placeholders in the intermediates. mobile phone cases and plug-in power supplies, instead of innovative product innovations. The transition between Hall 17 and Hall 15 was, at the end, an optical homage to an Asian Digital Plaza. Grandiosely colorful, but completely useless crepe. Gap filler in the dozen subscription.

But I have once again ripped out a few pictures from my archive, which above all show the people on and behind the stands. In hindsight, it was quite nice, but you could already notice the slow decline, especially from 2010.

The ticket prices of CeBIT 2010 were almost humane:

Day €38.00
Season ticket €81.00
Reduced day ticket €17,00


In comparison, the prices for 2018 and you can see very well that you have to pay for less much more:

Day €100.00
Season ticket €200.00
Reduced day ticket €50.00
Digital Friday €20.00



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