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SilentiumPC Fortis 5 Dual CPU Air Cooler Review – Underdog mixes up the midrange

Disclaimer: The following article is machine translated from the original German, and has not been edited or checked for errors. Thank you for understanding!

We have already tested several coolers from the Polish manufacturer SilentiumPC and all of them have been convincing in terms of price/performance. So the company motto, which can be casually summarized as “No advertising, no bullsh*t, good & cheap products” is actually reflected in reality. I was all the more excited about this new cooler, which they said they were particularly proud of. So let’s jump right into the review and take a close look to see if this feeling is justified.

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Packaging and scope of delivery

The box of the cooler is designed in the usual white-black-blue design of this manufacturer. On the front is the obligatory large picture of the included product, while on the side and back are listed further information and technical specifications.

In the accessories we can find the necessary frames and brackets for mounting. Additionally clamps for the two included fans and a tube of “Pactum PT-3” thermal compound. By the way, the small wrench does not perform any function and was not listed in the overview of the scope of delivery. So apparently it’s included, although that wasn’t the plan.

Well, better to have more parts than too few, right?


Assembly and installation

Just like the other coolers from SilentiumPC, the backplate of the motherboard is used for the AM4 socket, four plastic spacers are placed on the holes and then the silver mounting frame is mounted with screws. The radiator is then fixed to the frame with two spring-loaded screws directly on the radiator.

If the illustrated instructions are too dry for you, you can also have it shown in video form:

Instructions and videos for current Intel sockets are of course also available. Concerning the socket LGA1700 it can come to problems with some motherboards, the manufacturer informs about it in this article</x-1>.



The following is an overview of the technical details, further information can be found as usual on the manufacturer’s product page.




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wirklich interessant wäre auch ein Vergleich auf einer CPU mit mehr Leistung, die Kühler arbeiten in dem Test hier ja eher in ihrer Komfortzone. Ein Grad mehr oder weniger im unteren Bereich macht für den Betrieb einer CPU ja nicht wirklich den Unterschied.

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Jan Philipp


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Der "unnütze" Schraubenschlüssel passt auf die Schraube, die den "Querbalken" festhält.

View image at the forums

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Einzig brauchbarer Test zum (sehr unterschätzten) Kühler im Netz. Danke @Tim Kutzner :)

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