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Sharkoon B2 USB Gaming Headset – Successful upgrade to the predecessor?

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Technical data and features

In the usual manner, first the technical data in tabular form:

Most of the features have already been mentioned in the unboxing section and there are no new features that need to be mentioned in particular. Sharkoon restricts itself with the B2 to the basics and in particular to improve the predecessor significantly. The biggest change in terms of operation is the inline controller, with which the volume etc. can be controlled. The details are very well described in the instruction manual, which I would like to attach at this point:



Haptics and wearing comfort

As mentioned in the unboxing, the Sharkoon B2 makes a surprisingly high-quality first impression. The materials and surfaces look anything but cheap and also feel good. If you don’t expect to buy a high-end product for 50€, then you definitely won’t be disappointed here. Only the somewhat stiff cable could be criticized here, but that will probably become more flexible over time.

In terms of wearing comfort, the B2 benefits from its pleasant weight and light fit. The open construction and the textile padding also do well and hardly transfer friction noise to the ears during movements.

I have had the headset on my head several times for hours during the review and have had no problems. To be honest, for me personally, it even ranks ahead of all the expensive ANC headsets, which with their higher contact pressure and the closed earcups exert significantly more pressure on the ears and the head of the listener. The only drawback, which might be a downfall for people with ears that stick out a bit further, is the rather small space between the contact surface of the ear pad and the housing of the driver. In my case, it was a good fit, while a buddy’s pronounced “sail ears” immediately laid against the case, which will definitely cause pain over the long haul.


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2019 hatten wir ja bereits das Sharkoon B1 getestet und ein durchau auch paar Dinge daran auszusetzen gehabt. Unlängst kam mit dem B2 das Nachfolgemodell auf den Markt und wir sind wirklich gespannt: Hat Sharkoon sich die Kritik angenommen und hat man die damaligen Schwachstellen beseitigt? Ist das 50 Euro Headset seinen Preis jetzt wert (read full article...)

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