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Rotted, torn and broken: Cougar Immersa in the long-term basement child test or what you better not do headsets | Caution: Explicit photos!

I’ve been wrestling with myself for a long time about whether to publish the current state of this headset at all, but I just do it. For two reasons. First, you should also pay attention to things that you (e.g. by me) (as the then proud owner) and secondly, the current state also proves (apart from the hygienic state of emergency) that such low-priced products should not be used too extensively. The user of course remains anonymous and I have washed my hands several times in between and afterwards.

I start with the handover stand, in which I gave the 50-euro headset to the said permanent gambler in February 2018 (after a review from 2017, read here). So it was about 2 years ago. It is important to know that it was in use for at least 6 hours a day, often for much longer. And that’s where the long-term test begins with all its hardness, whereby I have to separate in advance, of course, in material fatigue and siff. I can’t remove the latter, such a Counterstrike-Patina is somehow authentic in its way. Only: the part would have been broken one way or the other. And how…

Let’s start by comparing the simple top view. Interestingly, the microphone arm did not suffer externally, even if the little sound spy was killed in the interior long and has finally fallen silent. The plastic surfaces of the shells and the fiberglass handles are also still alive and nothing has become cracked or even cracked anywhere. Amazing. But what you can see at first glance is the lack of fit of all under-feeder parts. This is pure cellulite and the coating of oil cow has secretly quietly already stolen from it for the most part. The rest sticks completely crumbly to the textile and cries after better times (and the rest of the PU cow).  Rightly so.


The headband is also a willing victim of overpriced fabric. Apart from the sticky covering of the player’s denier with hair, everything on the headband is ripe for the garbage can. That would also be the case if the colleague had cleaned the headset (and probably himself) more often. Such a cheap cover simply cannot last.

And because it looks so beautifully crumbling, the whole thing again in close-up, so that it is really worth it! Well, those who have already eaten must now be somewhat brave.

Last but not least, there is also a before and after comparison of the ear pads. Straight out of the box, it doesn’t even look bad and even if it was a bit of a chemistry at the time,…


.. It’s completely different today. Lard cooker, mite mattress or lice nest, you can think of something suitable. However, the upholstery is something worn out and defective, so that even Schauma would not have cracked anything here. This is simply low-cost in front of the Lord, apart from body fats and other deposits.

I want to leave it at that now, because there are limits. But it was important to me to show that cheap can take revenge very quickly if you use items more often and more extensively. Then every euro saved takes bitter revenge and I would, for example, it is important to pay attention to the spare parts position. Headsets with interchangeable or at least removable upholstery are actually a real must for excessive players. Except that you are then quite in the over-100 euro range. But it’s really worth it, just as a food for thought. Because whoever buys (too) cheaply buys (at least) twice.

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