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Quadro RTX with Turing – what was not said in the live event and more pictures | Siggraph 2018

After the performance, of course, I also had time to visit the famous Q&A rounds, in which you sometimes also learn details that are missing in the actual events, for whatever reason. From left to right, Bob Pette (Vice President Professional Vizualisation), Tony Tamasi (Senior Vice President of Content and Technology), and Bob Sherbin (Vice President Corporate Communications) were allowed to squeeze out.

For example, the RTX 8000 is based on a whopping 48 GB Of GDDR6, half of which are located on the front and back. "Higher density chips" are used to enable this memory expansion in the first place. The GPU itself still comes in 12nm structure width.

The TDP is indicated with that of a currently still "fast gaming graphics card", whereby after several questions a TDP of approx. 300 watts. However, the NV-Link controller alone should already account for 30 watts in the maximum. If you then subtract something for the gigantic memory build-up, you could even think of the "chip and gedöns" well below 250 watts.

According to their own statements, the rough development began 10 years ago, and the architecture then started about. 5 years.

We wanted to see if we could change the world of graphics

And in the end it turned out that Volta was probably just a kind of test run for Turing, in order to give the partners space and time, as well as the appropriate hardware for The AI development.

Turing's interesting question is what is possible with this new way of thinking about architecture. What about the relationship between Volta and Turing? Volta informed a lot of the Turing work. Volta was used as a working platform for Turing. A lot of the research was done on it. they've got things in common.

Afterwards, however, the rather high price, especially for the top model, was then again very self-confident:

Pricing? Time is important. We price our products on the value they provide. Our ultra-high end Quadro cards are selling quite well.

Of course, I will also report on further details, because there were still some questions left for me, which I can (hopefully) clarify again tomorrow at the booth. Until then – stay turing 😉


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