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OMNO Review – Award-winning indie game: Relaxation made in Germany

Where is Ryzen? They won’t be here until this afternoon, at 3 p.m. sharp. And to make the wait not so hard, we have a little pearl for you, which is really worth to be presented as well. If you have gasoline in your blood and bullets in your tank, Omno is definitely not a suitable game for you. However, if you just want to switch off and are looking for light entertainment, the jump ‘n’ run adventure from the pen of the young German game studio Inkyfox might be worth a look. Kickstarter, TikTok hype, almost failed and in the end still won the German Computer Game Award in the category “Best Family Game”. We take a look at the nicely staged puzzle platformer and marvel…


Game tests on Igor’s LAB are indeed a rarity and also anything but our specialty. But of course, we editors also like to gamble and (very) shortly before the upcoming CPU and GPU releases, a small “gap filler” has to serve. There are evenings when you come home from a hard day’s work and just want to relax. Sometimes a demanding or competitive game can be too much in such a situation and frustrate rather than relax you. While looking for some light fare, I came across the indie title Omno, which I would like to introduce to you today.


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Although I had never read a word about this game, it actually seems to have made waves even before its release. Graphic artist Jonas Manke had shared some of his work on TikTok, creating huge hype. When a Kickstarter funding was also very successful, the experiment became a true project of the heart and without any market analysis or marketing strategies, a game was simply developed as the creator would like to play it.


What kind of game is it and what is it about?

The developer himself can’t attribute the game to a fixed genre and therefore calls it a “third-person adventure with puzzle-platformer elements”, which you can kind of leave it at that.

The story remains rather in the background. We slip into the role of a little “stick bearer” who goes in search of the light.

The graphics are kept very simple, although the style and lighting give the game a great look and a very nice atmosphere.

In the course of the game we travel through different biomes, some of which differ significantly from each other. Between swamplands, ice floes and desert regions, we also get to see some lush greenery. But they are all successful.




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Danke für den schönen Test und Hinweis auf das Spiel!

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Danke für die Vorstellung des Spiels. Es wirkt in der Tat sehr ästhetisch und mit "Liebe und Herzblut" produziert - werde ich mir wohl mal um die Weihnachtszeit zu Gemüte führen. :D

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Interessanter Test, danke.

Ist es denn etwas, was Du nochmals spielen würdest?

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Alexander Brose


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Höchstens um die Achievements freizuschalten, oder die 2 Levels, wo ich "auf die Schnelle" nicht 100% gemacht hatte, noch zu komplettieren. Aber lass es mich mal so ausdrücken... wenn man es nicht bei Steam direkt kauft, dann ist es die paar Euro auf jeden Fall wert.


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Schöner Test, gleich Mal für die Switch für aktuell 8,99 € mitgenommen :-)

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Bin auf der Suche nach einem kindgerechten Spiel auf diesen Titel gestoßen. War auch für mich sehr kurzweilig und in jedem Fall empfehlenswert!

Speziell den jüngeren Spieler zeigt man gerne, dass man sich nicht immer nur stupide den Weg freiballern muss ... um Genuß erfahren zu können :)

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Danke für den Test :)
Hab es meiner Freundin heute gezeigt und sie hat es sich direkt geholt und ist absolut begeistert davon.
Ich finde es schade, dass so kleine Spiele nicht mehr Aufmerksamkeit gewidmet wird und oft unter den großen untergehen,
Dabei haben die Strays und Kenas uns in der jüngeren Vergangenheit gezeigt wie Spiele sein sollten, dass auch kleine Welten und
wenig Budget nicht gleich schlecht bedeutet.
Hier können sich die Großen was von den Underdogs abschauen.

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