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OGS break 3DMark Firestrike world records with an RX 6900XT – unlocked with MorePowerTool and Elmorlabs EVC2SX | News

If you know OGS, you won’t be surprised to hear that the Greek overclocking team has once again set new world records, this time with an AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT GPU using MorePowerTool, an Elmorlabs EVC2SX and of course lots of liquid nitrogen. Stavros and Phil managed to overclock the GPU to an unbelievable 3310 MHz and thus topped various leaderboards in the 3DMark Firestrike benchmark.

3DMark Hall of Fame

Specifically, the graphics card used is a Powercolor Radeon RX 6900XT Red Devil Ultimate, with the GPU’s crucial “XTXH” core design. Normal 6900XT cards with the conventional “XTX” GPU are limited in clock speed to 3 GHz, which would of course be an annoying obstacle in extreme overclocking attempts like this. Unfortunately, this completely unlocked XTXH variant from AMD is also only available on very few SKUs from certain board partners, like the one from Powercolor used here.

Source: Powercolor

An i9-12900K CPU of the latest Intel Alder Lake generation at 6.9 GHz, of course also cooled with liquid nitrogen, on a Maximus Z690 Apex motherboard from ASUS serves as the platform. No MHz is left untapped in RAM either with a Hynix M-Die based DDR5 2x 16 GB kit at 7000 Mbps and CL30. To ensure that the extremely thirsty hardware doesn’t run out of juice at the limit, a BeQuiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500 W power supply takes care of the ample energy needs. For cooling, a Kingpin Cooling T-REX Rev 4 is used on the CPU and a der8auer Raptor 4 on the GPU, with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut (not Extreme) as the thermal paste.

With the MorePowerTool (MPT) software, which is available on our website, the various limitations in the AMD driver were tricked, so that the GPU was allowed to consume much more than the originally specified 300 W TDP. With the EVC2SX from Elmorlabs, communication with the PWM controller of the voltage regulators was established directly via the I2C bus and this the voltages for the GPU core, VRAM and so on were adjusted, to allow for the absolute performance maximum.

Source: HWBot

The result of all the efforts is definitely worth seeing, with new world records in the 3DMark Firestrike, Firestrike Extreme, Firestrike Ultra Hall of Fame leaderboards and in the Firestrike Extreme ranking on HWBot. With the latter, according to the HWBot rules, tessellation may additionally be deactivated in the driver, thus increasing the result by a few more thousand points.

Incidentally, the GPU used is not a selected or pre-binned model. In fact, OGS only sourced a single, conventional retail XTXH GPU from a virtual store shelf – although that’s not even a given these days – and set all their records on it. Here, the GPU core reached a fabulous 3310 MHz, paired with the VRAM at around 2390 MHz, and mind you, these are real MHz in each case, not “effective” or marketing MHz. 😉


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Bis zum nächsten neuen Weltrekord.
Ist schon echt irre, diese Frequenzen die dabei erreicht werden.
Frequenzen im zweistelligen GigaHerz Bereich, dürften nicht mehr in allzu weiter Ferne liegen

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Lucky Luke


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Ein Hoch auf das 💪"MorePowerTool"💪
Einfach wahnsinnig

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Was hat denn der Zweitplazierte aus Süd-Korea benutzt? Weiß man das? Die Score scheint auch nicht allzu schlecht zu sein ;-)

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Thanks for the feature!

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Ich erinnere mich noch an den pre release von Kepler als ein Ingenieur von Gigabyte schwärmte es seien schon zwei Gigahertz in Griffweite. Jahre später ging man mit Pascal tatsächlich darauf zu und spätestens mit Turing war es Realität. Jetzt sehen wir schon die Drei vorne dran. Zehn Jahre und wir sind bei vielleicht 5 GHz. Die 10 werden wir wohl nicht mehr sehen - jedenfalls nicht mit Silizium-Halbleiter, aber da sind jede Menge neue Technologien in der Pipeline 😎

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I'd like to see what settings were made with the evc2sx. I need more info on which settings I should modify. I can raise the Volts and managed to beat my best Time Spy GPU score (23,350 @360W using MPT) by 200 points (23,550) at only 260W.

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