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NVIDIA Canvas as a free beta download – Painting with AI instead of painting by numbers.

Well, on the one hand it is really funny and on the other hand it takes some getting used to in the beginning. But once you get the hang of it, you quickly become a Rembrandt with just a few, even clumsy, brushstrokes. The final step to perfection is taken by the AI, which turns rather meaningless line drawings into quite naturalistic images in the usual professional quality. Nobody needs an expensive classical education anymore, if it is about the mere aha-effect and a quick result.

As NVIDIA puts it so well in its own blog, “Turn simple brush strokes into realistic landscapes with AI. Quickly create backgrounds or speed up your concept exploration, leaving more time to visualize your ideas.” Exactly that, especially for the rather artistically untalented. Sure, it’s still more of a toy for the curious and tech geeks in its current form, but you’ll definitely have fun with it. Guaranteed.

If you own an NVIDIA GeForce RTX, Quadro RTX or TITAN RTX, you can learn more and try Canvas for yourself here:

The fun factor is definitely high enough to give it a try yourself. I had enough fun, you can post your picturesque effusions in the forum 🙂




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Schade, nur AMD verbaut. Das ist sicher sehr spaßig :) :)

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In der Hinsicht hat NVidia ja echt ein glückliches Händchen. Sowas triggert mich ja, nur habe ich AMD verbaut.

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Danke für den Beitrag!

Gleich mal ausprobieren.

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Hier kann man das ohne NVidia Hardware online ausprobieren.

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