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And finally, rest: Samsung Level On Pro with ANC in review

Introduction and scope of delivery After several everyday tested (because often used) headsets with ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) it is only logical to write a test about these products once and to write a self-purchased copy on Rei... Microphone The microphone with ball characteristics is rather an emergency and is just as suitable for hands-free speech, but not for gaming and team speak. It gets tight in a noisy environment, such as an airport. Then the microfo...

Introduction and scope of delivery

After several everyday-tested (because often used) headsets with ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) it is only logical to write a test on these products and to test a self-purchased copy on the road and for long periods of time. Anyone who knows the author will of course know that the acoustic bathtub has no chance.

Samsung and headphones? Of course, the wireless Bluetooth headphone Level On Pro (which is actually also a headset) is in the end "only" an OEM product, but in view of the advertised features and the positive first impression at the time rehearsal, the ca. 150 Euro expensive offer almost unbeatable.

At least compared to the Bose QuietComfort 35, which had been used until then, which on the one hand had a much too intrusive bass and on the other hand suddenly abandoned the spirit. Since you should plan at least 130 euros plus postage for the battery replacement alone, it just became a Samsung for the same money.  Repairs would still be done if necessary.

But why? Despite small quirks, the Level On Pro certainly has qualities that you miss at the Bose. Curious? Incidentally, we were.

The samsung Level Over's smaller brother comes to the customer with a pre-charged battery, a manual, a fabric carrier bag, a USB charging cable and a 1.2m long 3.5mm jack cable. The latter is a stereo-only cable, so the microphone/hands-free function is only active in Bluetooth mode. There is no more, except sound, of course. But we'll come to that later.

Optics and haptics

Visually, the Level On Pro is very reminiscent of the larger Level Over, also in terms of materials. It is literally not all gold that shines, and so the acquired gold variant then also appears to us logically rather yellowish-silver-matt and definitely not shiny. The two chrome rings per shell are visually an eye-catcher, but they often want to be wiped off. Compared to the Bose, the materials definitely don't seem cheaper and you finally stand out visually from the mass of the headphone-carrying Bose flight cooperative. If that's nothing, then at least not embarrassing.

Whether the headphones would survive a more derber kick or even the up-and-down seat test in the wood class, let's put it. We have not tested it out of respect for the product and our own wallet. Otherwise, even after a year, he has no scratches, cracks or other quirks. Just a fine mileage account and an almost grisly environmental record for its almost laughable 235 grams of travel weight. Haptically, full-body plastic is still not a revelation, but you can already live with it. When you're ready.


The part sits like one. Compared to the Bose, however, the Level On Pro sits more on the ear, while the Bose already goes through as an over-ear, well, because somehow it never worked out. It's just what you sell there flowery as an around-ear. Which of the two seats one prefers, let's face it, we see at least a draw – with tiny advantages for the Bose, which also weighs nothing, but has the slightly softer and larger cushions.

The upholstery in imitation leather is quite soft and the processed foam inside adapts to the anatomy of the wearer. However, we cannot estimate the extent to which the PU leather imitation remains stable for the long term without cracks, but after more than 12 months everything is still in balance. With real over-ears you have no sitting problems as a spectacle wearer, as with the Level On Pro.

The adjustment of the headband is sufficient and probably also for wearers from hat size 65++ no reason to complain about unnecessary brain pressure. The snap-in is clean and reproducible, the hold of the setting is ok.

Once again, 235 grams is not a weight to be ashamed of. The headphones also sit on the long haul like the infamous three-weather taffeta. Boiling lard and pressure points on the ear are thus almost impossible, at least in humans. 

Functionality and connection

The on/off slide switch and status LED activates the receiver and amplifier part including the touch surface in the right earcup. The pairing can be pushed via the same switch, which still has a sliding function as a non-locking end position. Next to it sits the switch for active noise-cancelling (ANC). When switched off, the Level On Pro can still be operated as a normal stereo headphone.

For this purpose, it has the already mentioned 3.5mm stereo jack on the left shell. In the right shell there sits the mini USB charging port, but a sound card function is not provided here. Which would have meant that we would have arrived at the battery.

Noise cancellation

Four integrated microphones are designed to neutralize the environment by means of a well-rehearsed counter-sound, which also works quite well. The weaknesses lie with short impulses such as dry knocking or a bang. this always penetrates clearly. Conversations, on the other hand, are eliminated well (but not completely) and in the plane (or car) it becomes really quiet. Permanent sound backgrounds are thus well filtered away.

The usual noise when ANC is activated becomes audible when the music stops, but is quite broadband and neutral. An annoying chirping or fine whistling cannot be detected. This works almost as well as with the Bose and after a few minutes you don't consciously perceive it anyway.

Gesture control and multipoint

The gesture control works quite well, but you have to be careful not to adjust anything when the headset is moved. You can only deactivate the whole thing via Android app. This in turn offers various sound settings, which we will have to come back to later. The rest, however, is self-explanatory.

By the way, you can share the playback with a suitable second headset via the app, which in practice can have its charm in the partner look.

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