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Read memory device info (DRAM ICs) of a module? Now it works!

For all those who deal intensively with RAM, the information about the installed memory components aka DRAM ICs of a module is of great importance, as is well known. Now that the second generation of DDR5 ICs will soon reach the market, a simple distinction according to the DRAM manufacturer – Micron, Samsung or Hynix – will no longer be sufficient to draw truly reliable conclusions. Now our friend Martin Malik has made it possible on our request with HWInfo to read out also the DRAM stepping resp. the die revision.

Teardowns of RAM coolers or proprietary motherboard software are no longer necessary (at least most of the time). Below you can find a few examples of how the latest HWinfo beta can already read and decode the information from the SPD of DDR5 modules. Here you can see Hynix 16 Gbit M-Die, Samsung 16 Gbit B-Die and Micron 16 Gbit A-Die. However, a prerequisite for this readout is also that the manufacturer has also stored the corresponding information in the SPD. Unfortunately, there are also modules where the information is simply missing and accordingly only N/A can be output. The only thing that helps here is a teardown or an appeal to the RAM manufacturers to always fill out the list of ingredients of their RAM bars completely and conscientiously.

The download for the latest public beta 7.27 build 4855, which already includes the feature, can be found here:


Changelog of the latest version compared to 7.26:

  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on some MSI X670 and B650 series.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS Pro WS W790E-SAGE.
  • Added NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1630.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on some ASUS Z790 series.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on GIGABYTE X670 and B650 series.
  • Enhanced support of AMD RDNA3 GPUs.
  • Enhanced support of Intel Arc GPUs.
  • Fixed some bugs in sensor settings GUI.
  • Optimized registry writes for HWiNFO Gadget.
  • Improved fan speed monitoring on some ASUS notebooks.
  • Fixed auto-starting HWiNFO when located in folder with non-English characters.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on GIGABYTE Z790 and B760 series.
  • Added reporting of GPU Maximum Clock (Limit) and Firmware Version for Intel Arc GPUs.
  • Switched to a new method for calculating BCLK on AMD Zen CPUs.
  • Added precise clock reporting in eCLK1 mode on ASUS X670 series.
  • Added Raptor Lake-S PCH SMBus support.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on MSI Z790 and B760 series.
  • Improved NUMA-awareness.
  • Added VRM monitoring on some MSI Z590/Z690/Z790 series.
  • Improved recognition of VR13 and SVI3 PWM controllers.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on some ASRock X670 series mainboards.
  • Added reporting of DDR5 DRAM die revision.




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Igor Wallossek


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Bedankt Euch bei Xaver, der hatte die Idee, ich den Kontakt und Martin das Werkzeug. Kausale Kette FTW :D

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danke, danke und danke :)

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Dann vielen Dank Xaver, Igor and Martin ^^

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