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Low-Budget Gaming PC 2020: Part 2 – Assembly

After the choice of the platform and the components has been made in the first part, this part is now about the assembly of the system. This is not a perfect step-by-step guide with the claim of absolute completeness, but only a loose summary in the order in which I usually mount my systems. At this point, of course, I also refer to the first part with the component selection and description:

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Cleaning the graphics card(s)

Before it starts to install, all second-hand parts must first be cleaned. Both graphics cards were completely disassembled, cleaned and provided with fresh thermal paste (Gelid GC Extreme). For older graphics cards, this usually results in a measurable reduction in temperatures and is therefore recommended to anyone who trusts it by hand. So little Radeon arrived at me. At first glance, at least not a hair-raising condition.