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Basics GPUs: Power Consumption, Power Supply Conflicts & Other Myths | 2014 and 2020


Who measures a lot measures crap. This rule applies as long as one does not actively deal with the circumstances and requirements and is not prepared to invest a lot – mostly private – time in its exploration. I started working more intensively on the power consumption of graphics cards in 2014 and to find a really good solution. In this way I also came across many interesting insights and things that I would not have suspected.

Together with our partners from the industry, the measuring station was systematically rebuilt and expanded. Setups were tested and discarded, firmware changed and started again near zero. In short, for a development that had to be carried out during ongoing operations, this was quite a lot of work besides work. But it was really worth it. And if I'm to be honest, secrecy may be good for your own business, but transparency is even more important.

Especially when it comes to being able to justify the published readings in the articles. That's why I reveal a little "the secret" of how exactly the exact numbers of our measurements actually come about. Today's measuring station has of course changed, because in addition to the triggered oscillographs, I also rely on a sepated riser card for direct power consumption measurement on all rails with shunt and evaluation software, as well as a large, MCU-based Messtation, where every single supply voltage line can be logged in small time intervals and you can even measure everything in the direct interaction of GPU, CPU and motherboard on a total of 12 different rails at the same time. Rest ingenuation is not.

Messtation 2020 with three ways to collect data

But you have to show it from time to time and dust off older articles again periodically, otherwise nobody believes you in the end…

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