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Intel Xe-HPG based DG2 with 5 different chips – new slides and confirmations

Based on several reports of the last days and my article “Exclusive: Intel’s DG2 for Mobile and Desktop – Xe enters the second phase” I have today exclusively for you another table from an internal Intel slide, which also confirms many of the already leaked assumptions. It’s nothing fundamentally new, but it once again confirms from another source Intel’s venture into dedicated graphics solutions for the desktop.

Intel is planning a total of 5 different SKUs, three of which will be reserved for discrete desktop graphics cards or special high-end notebooks, and two others that can be used in simpler notebooks or on dedicated entry-level graphics cards. The TDP wasn’t quantified again and there are still the three values of 100 watts for the colported mobile use. The 275 watts for SKU1, on the other hand, could not be verified.

The slide also confirms the individual expansion stages with the different EU numbers of the respective SKUs, as well as the package used, of which one expects a total of 2 different sizes with different pin numbers (BGA 2660 and BGA 1379). Whether the largest version with 512 EUs will be available right away and in which order Intel will then launch the large SKUs on the dedicated graphics cards in 2022, on the other hand, is still completely unclear. The launch of the two smaller versions was already planned for the end of 2021 together with Alder Lake-P and the launch of SKU1 to SKU3 then gradually in Q1 2022.

A comparison on a graphic already leaked at also shows the size ratios of both packages very clearly once again:


I also updated and added to the table from my first article. The Infinity cache of the two smaller SKUs has been rumored to be this size, but should be taken with a grain of salt as there has been no real confirmation in the slides yet.

  SKU 1 SKU 2 SKU 3 SKU 4 SKU 5
Package Type BGA2660 BGA2660 BGA2660 BGA1379 BGA1379
Supported Memory Technology GDDR6 GDDR6 GDDR6 GDDR6 GDDR6
Memory speed 16 Gbps 16 Gbps 16 Gbps 16 Gbps 16 Gbps
Interface / Bus 256-bit 192-bit 128-bit 64-bit 64-bit
Memory Size (Max) 16 GB 12 GB 8 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Smart Cache Size 16 MB 16 MB 8 MB 4MB* 4MB*
Graphics Execution Units (EUs) 512 384 256 196 128
4096 3072 2048 1024 768
Graphics Frequency (High) Mobile 1.1 GHz 600 MHz 450 MHz TBC TBC
Graphics Frequency (Turbo) Mobile 1.8 GHz 1.8 GHz 1.4 GHz TBC TBC
TDP Mobile (Chip Only)
100 100 100 TBC TBC


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Mal sehen ob das jemand kauft und dann mal schaut obs wirklich so schlimm ist

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"...und der Launch von SKU1 bis SKU3 dann stufenweise im Q1 2020."
Ich vermute das soll 2022 heisen?

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