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Greek gods and automatons in battle against RAM giants – Acer Predator Talos and Apollo Preview and OC Teaser

Entering and establishing yourself as a new player in an existing industry is no easy feat, even more so in the hardware industry and even more so in today’s times of chronic silicon shortage. But Acer is taking this bold step with the Predator brand and now includes memory and storage products in their extensive portfolio. In the review later this week, we are going to take a look at the 2x 8GB 3600 CL18 mid-range kit from the Talos series, which puts its focus on overclocking performance without unnecessary bells and whistles. The high-end product series Apollo is actually still taboo for us Europeans, but the curious can already find it on the website. 😉

While most of the alleged RAM “manufacturers” only take finished products from OEM shelfs put a sticker with their name on them, only very few take care of the selection of the components, the production of the modules or even the packaging of the installed memory chips themselves. However, Acer also knows that exactly those subtleties are essential to be able to meet the competition on an equal footing. That’s where Acer’s partner BIWIN comes in. As an established player in the chip manufacturing industry, BIWIN has been entrusted with the complete development, management and distribution of Predator Storage.

In concrete terms, this means that all parts of the development come from a single source and can be coordinated in the best possible way – from product marketing to PCB and heatspreader design to chip packaging of the memory ICs. For end customers, this results in more performance and better quality at a lower price, quite simply. The best prerequisite for the new product series and the upcoming test.