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1More True Wireless ANC Review or why in-ears can be fun to test (as long as the battery lasts)

After various disposable products I am now testing 2-way in-ears with ANC in the form of the 1More True Wireless ANC. Personally, I always have a hard time with such reviews, but curiosity had finally won here, too. To have a good price by chance and to always have a customer waiting in the family also means spontaneous shopping, unpacking and testing. If so, then one can combine the pleasant with the useful. Currently these parts are available again from 160 Euro, which is not quite cheap, but still reasonable. Expensive ones always break down quickly and cheaper.

If you don’t know who is behind 1More from Hong Kong, I can tell you that it’s no one else but Xiaomi. Everybody should know them. It’s like Toyota and Lexus. Butter and bread products against a little more luxury. This is also the case here, because as Xiaomi, it would be rather difficult to do so with the price. This is just a side note, whereby a luxury brand is not a blemish. On the contrary.

Scope of delivery and unboxing

Bought, delivered and defoliated. As usual, the box is overhanging like a Rubens gazelle and in principle a bit too much for the product, but no matter, the woman is happy about it as always. In the interior, there is beside the charging case with battery and the two in-ears a slightly longer USB A to C charging cable, a black transport bag made of a little bit musty petroleum leather and four pairs of different sized silicone attachments as well as different ear tips (O-rings).


The case is kept a little bit narrower and just fits into the trouser pocket, but still looks good. Leftist or rightist? You can provoke the environment sometimes. But – a 410 mAh battery is built into the box, which can recharge the 55 mAh batteries of the buds on the way, if you transport them in the case. And there is also the good, old USB-C port with quick-charging function for the case as a lifeline. It even supports the wireless Qi standard. But you would have to send a suitable QI station into the race yourself, so it costs extra.

The carbon-look in-ears themselves are not large and look a bit strange because of the O-clips. Nevertheless, they are pleasingly light, very handy and are not as visually striking as the usual electric toothbrush attachments from the pome fruit boutique. I like that. The exterior is therefore simple and unobtrusive, which is anything but a disadvantage. The very cheeky 2-way drivers are located in a housing that is reasonably splash-proof. On the back of each build there is a button for control, which works quite well and also gives tactile feedback, but in the end only allows a limited choice of commands: start/stop, volume, answering calls and starting the digital assistants. The rest must be dealt with at the source.

The wearing comfort is good to very good, once you have found the right ear pad from the collection. You can hold out for the 3-4 hours until it stops, but then the parts have to be loaded into the case at the latest and the ears have earned the break. The fit of the buds and the o-tips is quite nice, but for headbanging it’s really nothing. Once too hectically nodding and Bud shoots off into nowhere with a rich parable. That would be a small point of criticism. Unfortunately I have not found any tips that would really guarantee a 100% secure fit.

Technology and functionality

Pairing via Bluetooth 5.0 takes place once after charging and removing the buds from the case. Protocols like aptX and AAC are on board, noise cancelling is done by the built-in microphones and is at least functionally noticeable. However, it is not enough for a peak value, the sealing at the ear is actually sufficient and without it you even save battery power significantly. The voice quality, once you make a phone call, is quite good average and the person opposite can hear you quite well.

The thing with the latencies is also noticeable here. Anyone who tries with the buds, for example watching a YouTube video will be lips-worshipping and disappointed. The lip sync is not correct and cannot be forced, how could it be? The button control works quite well. If you take one of the in-ears out of your ear, stop the playback and put it back later, it will continue to run. It’s not new, but it works.

By the way, you should hurry when you take the buds out of the case. Since each bud can also work alone and individually as a master, after connecting a single bud with the smartphone, it is no longer possible to pair them with each other if you remove the second one only after a few seconds. Pairing happens automatically when both buds are removed and only then the smartphone is connected. If you’re too slow, the smartphone will break the cosy togetherness of the buds. You should know this before you send the parts to the RMA because of alleged dropouts.

The buds also have built-in infrared sensors and if you take one of the buds out of your ear, the playback pauses. If both are taken out, then the playback stops completely and after a few minutes the buds switch to standby automatically. Nice feature, only it must not be so much sun, because the sensors are very sensitive. You can test this with a good flashlight.


The sound is quite pleasing and is almost typical for such listeners. Hi-Fi is not that but it is a well balanced and rather warm sound image with a soft tone colouration of the fundamental tones and a strong bass foundation. The bass precision is somehow ok, the mids are good and the highs are present, but not very differentiated. So they are rather fun listeners for on the go but you can also enjoy music with them if you don’t have too high expectations. The depth graduation fits and the level stability is good.

You don’t have to write much more than that, because you won’t be able to replace the good old iron-on headphones. But you can complement it well, which is also a nice insight. I wouldn’t listen with ANC though, because this function flattens the sound a bit and grinds the brilliance. Stuffy would be exaggerated, but it does get a little corny.


Running time and charging

I am fair and measured the runtime again only after 10 loading cycles, because the buds had to survive the obligatory long-term test in the family again. Four to five hours are quite feasible at moderate volume and without ANC, with ANC it gets a bit tight at 3 to 4 hours. I never managed to achieve the six hours indicated, even with rather discreet chamber music. If the case is added and the buds are not completely unloaded (re-charge after approx. 3 hours), you’ll get 10 to 15 hours, depending on ANC, volume and genre.

You can also let the buds suck empty and then recharge, then it is enough for about 3 battery charges. But after that everything is empty and cries energetically for about 3 hours of charging on a clever power supply. Loading per QI can take a little longer, depending on the potency of the base. But about five hours should be enough even there.

Summary and conclusion

For currently around 160 euros, you can travel for considerably less than with the product from the “Apfelmännchen”. This can certainly motivate you to give the 1More True Wireless ANC a chance. The ANC is actually superfluous and only shatters the runtime, although you can use it for phone calls. Otherwise turn it off, it sounds better. And what else? 160 euros is already okay in terms of sound, there is still some room for improvement, but it certainly leaves many competitors behind.

The battery life is a bit short, you can only save yourself by switching off ANC for one or two hours. Unfortunately, there is no app, but there is still something to come. Let’s see, the one to come and something to really have are usually two pairs of shoes. The rest is quickly told, because there are hardly any points of criticism, but rather comfortable fitting earplugs, which don’t look too much. That’s the good side of design, if you like it. You can buy it, but you don’t have to.

EHD9001TA Manual 200129

1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones E1022BT (EHD9001TA)


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