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AMD Radeon RX 6800XT – BIOS reveals new details about Rage Mode, Turbo Mode and Silent Mode | Exclusive

The BIOS of a board partner card brings us new insights this time, especially since our MorePowerTool in the latest beta already knows how to handle the new Radeon cards. Thanks also to Patrick Schur for the newest BIOS, which allows us to find out which modes AMD has implemented in the Wattman and how the board partners can (freely) implement this. The implementation reminds us of exactly what our MorePowerTool has been offering for months: the manipulation of SoftPowerPlayTables. Additional credits to hellm for the programming. So the whole thing is not new, but rather a marketing technically well packaged new counter that uses familiar settings.

Looking at the code, four modes stand out. Quiet and balance, rage and turbo. This presetting is implemented via the power limit, the target temperature and the fan control with Acoustic Limit and Target (RPM). It’s interesting here that Turbo Mode, which AMD didn’t talk about at all, is even a bit more aggressive. I am already happy that it has not been called Uber Mode again 😀

If you now look at the 95 °C limit for the temperature in the MorePowerTool (MPT), you can almost get scared, because fireflies are not really trendy seasonally.

It seems as if the board partners have a free hand when determining the fan parameters, since they know their coolers and their performance (including possible reserves) best, but the power limit of +6% as a premium was probably given as a guideline or can be found in other BIOSes purely by chance. But in the end, these modes do nothing else that you could not have done since the release of MorePowerTool MPT.

A reference card with the officially stated 300 watts would then be with Rage Mode at the almost 320 watts I extrapolated and the board partner card shown above in the MPT would be far, far above that. Let’s be surprised, I promised you a hot autumn. At least this one is currently available and can be plugged in.

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