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Alseye MAX M240-T in practice test: All-in-one water cooling at combat price

For almost a month now, the MAX M240-T from the 60-euro segment has been available for another AiO water cooling system from the Asian budget manufacturer Alseye in Germany, which is being marketed on the German market via Inter-Tech. In contrast to the Halo H240, however, the MAX M240 does not use RGB lighting of the pump and fan. In addition, no version with 360 mm radiator is available in this series, only 120 mm and 240 mm.

It is interesting, by the way, that Alseye has this AiO made by Icicleflow, so it is not the manufacturer itself. As always, this is the usual way to outsource and retransfer production. And so we see the chain again from the sub-entrepreneurial contract manufacturer to the OEM as man-in-the-midle and namesake to the distributor. And so, in the end, not only the packaging, but also the products are more and more similar.

Unfortunately, I could not find more detailed information about the pump on the product page. However, if one compares the pictures of the M240 with the H240, the many similarities quickly become apparent. Apart from the fans and lack of lighting, both models seem to be identical, so I took over the missing data from the pump. It is also interesting that the Alseye website contains a MAX 240, but it is equipped with RGB lighting and leads the page to nothing. Well…

Scope of delivery and installation

When packaging, you rely on a colour-printed cardboard box for folding, the AiO is kept in place inside as usual by a cardboard bowl. The pump block and radiator are again packed in plastic foil, the fans and accessories individually in small boxes. In addition to the accessories for assembly and thermal paste, there is also a 4 pin PWM splitter as well as an electrically insulating adhesive pad for the backplate. Unfortunately, the enclosed fans are not rubberized or decoupled.

The brackets suitable for the base are pushed sideways into the pump block and practically clamped. With the inscription you can quickly recognize the respective brackets, with the H240 tested a while ago I had criticized this. However, the amount of small plastic spacers and plates, which must be used in the correct orientation, is still identical.

Screw by backplate – plastic spacer with bulge upwards, pushing screws through the holes in the motherboard – plastic spacer with bulge to the bottom, screw up metal spacers and then again small metal washers for the screws with springs on top. Doable, but many fumbling small parts. However, other manufacturers of coolers with high compatibility make it similar.

As with the H240, the sleeves of the hoses wave when they are bent. Not as strong anymore, but still visible. On the AM4 socket, the lettering is also rotated by 90°. Another indication that H240 and M240 have the same base is the continued readout error of the alleged 6900 RPM of the pump. When switched on, the pump also starts with an audibly fast "zirper", after which only a quiet siren is noticeable in operation, even at 12V.

For the reader in love with detail, of course, I also have all the data as a table:

Socket types Intel® Socket LGA 2011, 2066 Square ILM
Intel® Socket LGA 775, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366
AMD® Socket AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, AM4
Tdp up to 250 watts
Fan dimensions 120 x 120 x 25mm
Voltage 12v
Fan 600-1800 rpm
Airflow per fan 31.43-112.13 m3/h
Air pressure per fan 0.17-2.24 mmH2O
Noise level 16.5-32.5 dBA
Pump 2600 RPM* – ceramic bearing – copper coldplate (smooth)
Connection type 4Pin PWM
Hose length 300 mm
Coolant Eco-friendly liquid with anti-corrosion agents
Dimensions (H/W/D) Cooling block: 62 x 55 x 44mm
Radiator: 27 x 275 x 120mm
Guarantee 24 months

More information on the product page or data sheet

Alseye MAX 240 AiO (88885506)

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