Upgrade instead of construction site report: this is new at TH DE from August 2018!

You will have seen for yourself by now that we can offer more than just a time-limited emergency migration of the old content. No, of course not everything is really where we want it to be, but the most important thing has now been done! And before I go back to what we were able to do, I would like to express my thanks to all those involved who have spared neither time nor effort to get involved in person!

As a visible product, for example, our new forum where the old mods (and new faces) have actively helped dig through thousands of lines of text to get a useful translation. The result can be more than just impressive, because hardly anyone wants to have the old forum back now. Well, the old content is unfortunately lost, but that was not in our power anyway. Overseas priorities and underground technology were, in fact, the death of the old community, but it was already creeping up seven years ago.

Of course, my personal thanks also go to the Dev team for the completely new framework to minimize charging times and to be present on the PC, tablets and smartphones in comparable quality. Responsive design is just more than just a marketing bubble, it's lived technical progress. Which would also prove that every end can also be a promising new beginning, if you tackle it properly and plannedly. This also includes the new, much clearer navigation to the right of and below all articles.

This would also have closed the circle between the website with its news and reviews, as well as the now firmly integrated forum. The last forum posts can also be read below the reviews and you can read on the forum immediately or write something yourself. So everything as usual and desired. We only have to re-play through the user registration on the website, because for reasons we want to drag as little user data over and between the pages as possible.

There are also new surveys, which we want to use mainly to better understand the "mood" of the readers. Whether it's upgrade requests, financial framework conditions or just questions about the general "well-being" – it helps us to align our content even better with the wishes and trends. All data collected is of course anonymous and will remain so. There will also be more multimedia content up to streams in the foreseeable future, but we will announce this separately.

And since questions have arose again and again about where advertising is and how we finance ourselves, I would of course also like to answer them transparently. If you look closely, you will find discreetly scattered advertising by now. However, not arbitrarily third-party content and advertising slingshots, but all self-managed self-selected and verified content. There will be no wild flashing flashes or annoying and loud videos, just like pop-ups or side-covering overlays. So you don't need an adblocker, why?

But even this is, of course, nothing to cover the costs adequately. That is why we have been looking for new ways and partners with which such a project can be implemented well and stable for the benefit of all parties involved. Instead of paid commissioned works in the traditional sense, we will not sell our names and competencies, but together with interested partners – whether manufacturers or distributors – we will intensify selected topics or also for the first time and thus also offer more versatile content. You will soon find out exactly what this looks like when the first projects start.

Flat unboxing, hand-laying and student reviews, on the other hand, you won't find here, because even if such content is cheap to realize, it doesn't bring real added value to anyone and in the end they just get bored. But, this is exactly where the new partners come into play, new topics will be added, ranging from workstation and server technology, to AI and e-motion, to our core topics, and in some game types, even as individual editorial staff, are not possible on their own. In the end, it will also amount to a balanced and objective cooperation with industrial partners, which opens up completely new possibilities for all parties involved. Transparency also means, however, that we will always label such things for what they are.

Otherwise, of course, our invitation to all those who might want to contribute themselves in terms of content will continue to apply, because writing down from the ivory tower for the people would be hard to beat in arrogance. We see ourselves as an information service provider and want to maintain this in the future. So we are there first and foremost for the readers and not the other way around, promised!

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Igor Wallossek

Editor-in-chief and name-giver of igor'sLAB as the content successor of Tom's Hardware Germany, whose license was returned in June 2019 in order to better meet the qualitative demands of web content and challenges of new media such as YouTube with its own channel.

Computer nerd since 1983, audio freak since 1979 and pretty much open to anything with a plug or battery for over 50 years.

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