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Terms and conditions for the reader test

Participation in the reader test of igor'sLAB and gotIT Tech Media GmbH, hereinafter referred to as operator or organiser, is free of charge and is exclusively based on these terms and conditions.  A reader test means that the drawn candidates must first test and evaluate the test samples appropriately in the event of a draw, as well as document this test in a textual and visual manner. For this purpose, the reader tester agrees to the free publication of the tets result as well as the use of the relevant text and image material and at the same time irrevocably transfers all unrestricted rights of use to these contents to gotIT! Tech Media GmbH.

The time frame for creating the reader test is a maximum of 4 weeks after receiving the test device. If no reader test has been carried out during this period, the text and image material can be sent, the gotIT! Tech Media GmbH to reclaim these test samples without replacement and make them available to another participant.

The course of the draw and participation
The duration of the draw for the reader test will run from 17.10.2019, until 31.10.2019, 19.58. Within this period, all registered forum users will be given the opportunity to participate in the reader test application online in the forum thread linked here. Participation is only possible within the participation period and by active posting in the linked thread. Forum contributions drawn up after the closing date will not be taken into account in the draw.

For each participant, only one submitted registration takes part in the competition, which please mark you with the keyword "BEWERBUNG" in the forum post, so that I can filter this out better later. In addition, of course, you can (and should) post diligently in the thread and exchange your opinions, the number of posts is not decisive. However, it is strictly forbidden to use multiple email addresses/profiles in the forum to increase the chances of winning a lot. Multiple entries, if we notice them, will be excluded from the raffle. As always, participation in the reader test is voluntary and free of charge.

Eligible persons are natural persons who either have a delivery address for the test samples in Germany or Austria (or alternatively are willing to pay the customs duties or customs transport costs themselves) and which are the 14th Have reached age. Participation is not dependent on the purchase of a good or service. If a participant is restricted in his or her legal capacity, the consent of his legal representative is required.

All persons and employees of the operator and their family members involved in the conception and implementation of the raffle are not eligible. In addition, the Operator reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude persons from participating if there are legitimate reasons, such as (a) in the case of manipulations relating to access to or conduct of the raffle, (b) in the event of violations of these Terms and Conditions, (c) in the event of unfair action or (d) in the case of false or misleading information in connection with participation in the raffle.

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Test pattern and notification

The following test samples are assigned:
Two QNAP NAS TB-251B with two Western Digital Red 10 TB hard drives each

The selection of the drawn testers takes place after the closing date of participation in the context of a random raffle among all participants. A maximum of one forum entry with the keyword "BEWERBUNG" may be made in the forum thread linked here, but the number of other posts in the relevant thread is unlimited. The drawn reader testers will be informed about the win in a timely manner via PN. The test samples are handed over exclusively to the reader tester or to the legal representative of the minor reader tester. It is not possible to exchange or pay out the test samples in cash.

Any costs incurred for the dispatch of the winnings will be borne by the operator within the framework of the conditions set out in "Eligible Persons". Additional costs associated with the use of the test samples shall be borne by the drawn. The reader tester is responsible for any control of the test samples. If the drawer does not register within a period of 5 calendar days, the test sample can be transferred to another participant.

Termination of the raffle
The promoter expressly reserves the right to terminate the raffle without prior notice and without notice of reasons. This applies in particular to any reason that would interfere with or prevent a scheduled draw.

Data protection
For later dispatch, it is necessary to provide personal data of the drawn. The participant assures that the personal information provided by him, in particular his first name, last name and email address, is truthful and correct. The organizer points out that all personal data of the participant will not be passed on to third parties without consent, nor will they be made available for use and deleted after the shipment has taken place.

Applicable law
Questions or complaints in connection with the reader test must be addressed to the operator. The contact information can be taken from the imprint. This reader test is exclusively subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The legal action is excluded.

Salvatory clause
Should any provision of these Terms and Conditions be or become ineffective in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of these terms and conditions in the remainder. Instead of the invalid provision, the legally permissible provision that comes closest economically to the meaning and purpose expressed in the invalid provision shall apply. The same shall apply in the event of a loophole in these Terms and Conditions.

The team of igor'sLAB wishes you good luck and success!


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