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Winners have been announced! | Test and retain two high-quality QNAP NAS with two 10TB Western Digital Red hard drives worth 1000 euros each!

Update from Oct 31, 2019 8:00 PM

Besterino and DerHecht won. Congratulations! The winning notification was sent to the winners via PN and now we will wait and see who will also report within the deadline. Otherwise (again) will be redrawn!

Original article

Yes, you read this quite correctly, we'll let the loyal community this time hardware worth about . 2000 Euro! And it's not even Christmas! However, this time it is not a pure competition, but a small value is of course demanded of you. You can test, evaluate and then keep this combination of a QNAP TS251B with 2 GB of RAM and the two 10 TB Western Digital Red NAS hard drives!

However, we expect you to have a short review with your own pictures, the experiences in text form and the release for the publication. If you don't feel like a writer, of course we help you to finalize the text, so don't be wrong shame! 🙂

Participation is of course voluntary as always and we will also select a little better in the forum this time, so that we do not have to wait until next year for the respective reader testers. If you want to participate, you should of course write at least one post in the thread linked here with a plausible reason why you need this NAS and not a simple external hard drive. Simple basic knowledge of setting up and operating a NAS is of course a prerequisite for this, but I have no concerns about this with our reader base.

The two NAS systems TS-251B are kindly provided by QNAP and sent by me personally together with the hard drives.  The two original packaged systems including data carriers are already ready for you here! The two hard drives for the RAID were provided by Western Digital Germany for this reader test, whereby I already checked these hard drives for their functionality and also for tests already run a few hours of operation. So you can be sure that they are running. I have removed all test partitions so that the installation in the NAS can be done without any problems.

Of course, the NAS itself can also be upgraded individually, be it by even more memory or an M.2 SSD as a cache and boost. Every tester can keep this as he would like, but I would be very happy to upgrade the documentation of the reader test. But it is optional and not a condition. As a goodie, the NAS has its own graphical interface, relies on a fairly stable operating system and also allows the installation of various apps from its own app pool. This means that there are hardly any limits to the use, whether you want to use the NAS as a media center, streaming platform, for a pure data backup or a mixture of everything.

Now, of course, I will do a devil and serve you the whole text with a mouth-to-mouth, because you should test and not me. Incidentally, I use this NAS and two 8-TB Western Digital Red Pro here in the lab and have already gained various practical experience. No system is ideal and it is also important to understand certain ways of thinking and designing the software and its peculiarities, but if even I can cope with it very well, then of course you!

How to get to the two snazzy NAS now and how the whole thing works, you can find out on the next page, where you can also find out the exact terms and conditions, which you should read carefully beforehand. Then nothing can stand in the way of a raffle (hopefully concerning you) for a reader test!

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