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Moore Threads' new GPU driver doubles game support to 42 titles

There is still no word on official DirectX11 tessellation support, which means Chinese GPUs like MTT S80 will still not support many of the popular and old games. However, software development is progressing and the company has just announced that 42 games are now supported by the hardware, doubling the number since the last driver release.

The V201.21 driver fixes many bugs, supports new features, new games and more hardware. The MTT is still severely limited when it comes to motherboard support, not to mention lackluster PCIe Gen5 support, although this is one of the most interesting features of this GPU. This driver not only supports the flagship S80 with 16 GB of memory and 4096 cores, but also entry-level, workstation and server GPUs from the S10, S30, S50 and S2000/3000 series. Moore Threads confirms that this driver also enables VP9/8 10-bit video decoding up to 8K resolution. It also improves the ability of PES monitoring software to display more metrics.

New Game Support:

  1. Goose and Duck
  2. Xuanyuan Sword Gaiden: Away from the Clouds
  3. Xuanyuan Sword Gaiden: Clouds of Han Dynasty
  4. Xuanyuan Sword Wu: A Sword of Lingyun Mountain and Sea Love
  5. NBA2K Online
  6. Afterimage
  7. "The Scroll Of Taiwu
  8. Terraria
  9. Adventure in the rain
  10. Dead Cells
  11. Runner 2: Future Legend of the Rhythm Alien
  12. Battlefield 2
  13. Hades
  14. Alien vs. Predator
  15. arma 2
  16. pro Evolution Football: Pro Evolution Football 2013
  17. assault Fire
  18. Hollow Knight
  19. Little Bones: Hero Killer
  20. Cuphead
  21. Dwarf Fortress

Previously Supported Games (machine translation):

"Diablo 3", "Cross Fire", "Gu Jian Qi Tan", "Ghost Valley", "ICEY", "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 3", "Street Basketball", "Audition", "Fantasy Westward Journey", "Dream Three Kingdoms 2" "Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne", "Awakening: Heroes Compete", "QQ Speed", "QQ Dance", "Pro Evolution Soccer 8", "Siege", "My World: NetEase Ray Tracing Edition", "Xi", "Xuanyuan Sword Wu : A Sword of Mountains and Seas", "League of Legends", "Ultimate Street Fighter IV"

According to GPU geek Löschzwerg, who owns the S80 GPU, the new driver improves performance in the Unigine Heaven benchmark, but the GPU still cannot run games with tessellation or DX11 multithreading. If you really want to try MTT GPUs, you first have to make sure that your hardware is supported, and the list of motherboards is still very short (only 18 models). Also, MTT GPUs only work with Intel 10th Gen Core series and newer or AMD Ryzen 3000/4000/5000 series (7000 support is not mentioned). Moore Threads GPUs should actually be the last choice for a gamer in 2023 due to the limitations. At the same time, it should be noted that the software development is going in a good direction and we can't wait to see more updates from this fourth player on the GPU market.

Source: Moore Threads


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Es gibt immer noch kein Wort über die offizielle DirectX11-Tessellation-Unterstützung, was bedeutet, dass chinesische GPUs wie MTT S80 viele der beliebten und alten Spiele immer noch nicht unterstützen werden. Die Software-Entwicklung schreitet jedoch voran und das Unternehmen hat soeben bekannt gegeben, dass nun 42 Spiele von der Hardware unterstützt werden, was eine Verdopplung der Anzahl (den ganzen Artikel lesen...)

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