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AMD Ryzen 7000 integrated RDNA2 GPU overclocked to 3.1 GHz, up to 42% performance increase

The latest attempt at overclocking AMD's CPUs focuses purely on the integrated graphics solution and possible optimizations. It is worth remembering that the Ryzen 7000 desktop series has a tiny RDNA2 GPU component with only 2 compute units. That's not nearly enough to provide a decent gaming experience, but it also doesn't stop anyone from trying just that once. In certain detours, of course….

The colleagues from Skatterbencher tested various overclocking strategies that can unleash the full performance of the processor. AMD Precision Boost Overdrive and the GFX Curve Optimizer are at work here. By combining both methods, it is possible to unleash the full potential of the processor through higher voltages.

With the Furmark software, the stock iGPU configuration offers a clock rate of 2.2 GHz at about 0.997 volts. Equally important is the memory clock, which is 2.4 GHz in this case. At such a setting, the CPU's GPU and the SOC (separate die on the case) consume about 38.5 watts. With manual overclocking, it was able to overclock the iGPU to 2949 MHz at 1.2 V, which also increased the power consumption to 63.5 watts. At the same time, the memory clock was adjusted to 3.2 GHz. A further adjustment of the GFX voltage/frequency curve increased the GPU clock to 3.1 GHz at 1.395 volts. Meanwhile, the temperature increased from 38.4°C to 52.8°C, while the SOC power of 60.7 watts was slightly lower than before.

Depending on the workload, SkatterBencher reports a performance increase of up to 41.67% for a game like Tomb Raider with a resolution of 1080p. However, it is still not playable enlightenment. However, it is worth noting that with this iGPU-OC, one was finally able to run ray tracing benchmarks, which was still simply impossible with the default settings. The real irony is that the overclocking experience of the integrated RDNA2 graphics is much better than that of the discrete models, the tester concludes. AMD's Dragon series mobile CPUs will also feature such an iGPU, but it will probably be more complicated to overclock them than the desktop variants.

Source: SkatterBencher

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Der neueste Versuch des Übertaktens von AMDs CPUs konzentriert sich rein auf die integrierte Grafiklösung und mögliche Optimierungen. Es sei daran erinnert, dass die Ryzen 7000-Desktop-Serie eine winzige RDNA2-GPU-Komponente mit nur 2 Compute Units besitzt. Das reicht bei weitem nicht aus, um ein ordentliches Spielerlebnis zu bieten, aber es hält eben auch niemanden davon ab, (den ganzen Artikel lesen...)

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