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Palit GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Dual OC 8GB Hands-On Test: Cheap design and real OC at the MSRP

The Palit GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Dual OC 8GB is the exact opposite of the heavyweight competitor from MSI. Palit has trimmed all superfluous pounds and offers full OC capabilities already at the MSRP. Whether and how one can live with that will have to be seen in a later individual test. The card is not faster or slower than the Founders Edition right out of the box, and in the end it will probably be the details that make the difference. In any case, this card (and the model without OC) is set to break the price. At least within the scope of possibilities and the leeway Jensen leaves.

The key data reads rather restrained. With a length of 25 cm and an installation height of 11.5 cm, the card remains relatively modest. The installation depth is a true dual-slot design with 3.5 cm and 0.5 cm for the backplate. And a silly 611 grams would then press onto the unneeded graphics card stand, just over half of MSI’s thick Gaming X Trio. The motherboard is happy.

Palit also uses a single 8-pin connector, which is certainly sufficient considering the tiny chip. RGB isn’t even available at extra cost and the design language is rather, well, let’s say plain. Heavily pigmented ABS flatland in all geographical situations and a matching plastic cover for the back is also available. If it weren’t for the stingy memory lapse, the card would certainly be a price smash as a mainstream end product. However, Palit can’t be blamed for the fact that the GPU only offers four memory controllers.

And otherwise? Palit releases up to 190 watts here, but nobody really needs that. You can’t use more than 175 watts and you won’t get much above the 3 GHz mark anyway. Before the performance limits, the GPU runs out of voltage anyway.

The rest of the data is shown in the GPU-Z screenshot and what else is possible with the card (or not) will have to be shown in a single test.


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Die Palit GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Dual OC 8GB ist der genaue Gegenentwurf zur schwergewichtigen Mitstreiterin von MSI. Palit hat alle überflüssigen Pfunde zusammengestrichen und bietet volle OC-Fähigkeiten bereits zur UVP. Ob und wie man damit leben kann, wird ein späterer Einzeltest noch zeigen müssen. Direkt ab Werk ist die Karte auch nicht schneller oder (read full article...)

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