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Overclocked RTX 4090 D is almost as powerful as the normal RTX 4090

It is currently not easy for China to obtain state-of-the-art technology due to the sanctions imposed by the USA. There are also strict sanctions on the import of graphics cards. China is helping itself with a weaker RTX 4090 D, which can keep up with the standard version when overclocked, as HKPEC reveals.

Image Source: NVIDIA

But first things first: The USA has imposed trade restrictions on China. NVIDIA therefore had to help out a little so that the 4090 could also be brought to China. With a new version, the RTX 4090 D, it was then possible to import the product into China. However, as previously mentioned, the card offers weaker specs than the original card. It cannot be overclocked due to the power limitation and also offers no dual BIOS functions. It is therefore not possible to overclock the card as usual. This is mainly due to the limited wattage of 425 W. HKPEC received an ASUS ROG Strix RTX 4090 D from Asus, which has the same requirements. This is reduced from 128 SM to 114 SM, has 14,592 CUDA cores, 114 RT cores and 456 Tensor cores. Compared to the RTX 4090, the number of computing units has been reduced by 10.94%.

Thanks to the Asus model, which could be manually overclocked with the GPU Tweak app, an application from Asus, the card showed its true potential. Here, a power consumption of 600 W was achieved, which corresponds to an increase of 41.2 %. It was also possible to achieve a clock increase of more than 200 MHz. According to synthetic and gaming benchmarks, it is almost on a par with the original version.

Image Source: HKPEC

Here is a comparison of the individual information of the non-overclocked RTX 4090D and the overclocked version. Here we can see that it makes a difference. After all, there is a difference of 924 points.

However, you should know that most cards cannot be overclocked with this version, mainly due to the power limitation. But it is very interesting that a weaker card can perform at almost the same level as the original version.

Source: HKPEC