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The next wave: Intel Battlemage G10 and G21 get the graphics card rolling

TomsHardware reports that Intel’s next-generation discrete graphics card, Battlemage, is finally taking shape. Excerpts from shipping documents published by @momomo_us show that the company is working on at least two GPUs: Battlemage G10 and Battlemage G21.

Source: Intel

Battlemage G10 is expected to be the more powerful chip, while Battlemage G21 is intended for entry-level systems. Both GPUs, if they offer a decent level of performance, could end up in the list of the best graphics cards. The shipping documents indicate that both Battlemage G10 and Battlemage G21 are being shipped for research and development purposes. The G21 GPU is already in the pre-qualification (Pre-QS) stage of silicon, while the status of the G10 is not mentioned. Pre-qualification silicon is used to validate the functionality and reliability of a chip and to evaluate performance levels. It is not qualified for mass production, but may well go into mass production if it meets the performance, energy and yield criteria.

While Nvidia dominates the discrete laptop GPU market this generation, Battlemage – due to Intel’s relationships with PC manufacturers and OEMs – could be serious competition for the green team in the next round. In the desktop market, competition is also fierce with AMD’s RDNA 4 and Nvidia’s Blackwell. It remains to be seen how Battlemage will fare there.

More details from the shipping documents:

  • Battlemage G10 and Battlemage G21 will both be equipped with PCIe 5.0 and GDDR7 memory.
  • Battlemage G10 is expected to have more Xe cores than Battlemage G21.
  • The power consumption of Battlemage G10 is expected to be higher than that of Battlemage G21.

It is important to note that this information is still preliminary and subject to change. As soon as we learn more about the Battlemage GPUs, we will keep you updated.

Source: TomsHardware