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NVIDIA’s tooltip of the day – Today at 3:00 p.m. we have an exclusive thing that could change things!

The nice thing about NDAs is that they always keep the tension so high, but the stupid thing is that you are not even allowed to know that such a confidentiality agreement exists. However, if you are sitting next to someone on the bus who was at the hairdresser’s yesterday, like me, where someone happened to be sitting who knows someone who is the brother-in-law of someone who claims to have heard that it was written somewhere that… And that’s exactly why I’m finalizing what I’ve heard for you right now and have the alarm clock set to 3 pm. Because a teaser, even if a mean one, is certainly not forbidden.

Yesterday morning I was unfortunately without voltage because of an electric hernia, today I am fully under voltage again. But this is exactly what is needed to lovingly implement this intermediate spurt until day X as usual. Not that my hairdresser then finally gives up on me, because he has to google my hair longer and apologize for doing nothing. For this purpose, there is still a toolbox available today, which certainly nobody would have expected. Which would have given me the tension curve just elegant. Turn it on, it’s worth it!

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