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NVIDIA confirms GTC 2023 Jensen Huang’s keynote March 21

The upcoming Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) will feature a keynote address by Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. The event officially begins March 20 and will run through March 23. The keynote has been confirmed for March 21 and will include many topics that might be of interest to graphics enthusiasts.

At the moment, unfortunately, nothing indicates that the keynote will be about games. As a rule, the GTC is not directly associated with games, unless NVIDIA makes an exception. The GTC conference last September was one of them. There was a separate segment dedicated to GeForce products called GeForce Beyond, which gave us the first details about the Ada Lovelace architecture.

Source: Nvidia

Rumor has it that NVIDIA could launch the RTX 4070 graphics card in April. For this reason, the GTC at the end of March seems like the perfect time to at least mention this upcoming GPU. Officials say GTC 2023 will cover “AI, the metaverse, cloud technologies, and sustainable computing,” so nothing that indicates a new product. NVIDIA’s RTX Ada GPUs for workstations equipped with AD103 and lower have yet to be introduced. A small foretaste of the upcoming mobile products has already been available since last week. These will definitely appear soon. GTC 2023 is an online event, so there is a good chance that the keynote will be rebroadcast, although NVIDIA has not yet commented on this.

Source: Nvidia



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Auf der kommende Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) wird die Keynote von Jensen Huang, dem Gründer und CEO von NVIDIA, stattfinden. Die Veranstaltung beginnt offiziell am 20. März und wird bis zum 23. März dauern. Die Keynote wurde für den 21. März bestätigt und wird viele Themen beinhalten, die für Grafik-Enthusiasten von Interesse sein könnten. Im (den ganzen Artikel lesen...)

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