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Now also for Polaris: The new Red BIOS Editor RBE with full support for the older AMD Radeon RX 590, RX 580, RX 570, RX 480 and RX 470

It’s done, even if it took a long time: the RBE now also supports older AMD graphics cards with Polaris chip. My personal thanks go to the community in general and to mynm in particular, because this time he did all the work and built everything into the RBE, while hellm did the background work this time. The result is very impressive and is now available for download in the usual place!

The tabs for Polaris only become visible after you have loaded the appropriate BIOS, but we already know that. Changing the GPU-ID should be considered three times before, because almost always the card will not start anymore (e.g. 570 to 580) and it remains a real matter of luck. Under “Clocks and Voltages” you will find the most important settings to breathe some more life into the card. The labels are self-explanatory.


Power Tune provides more resources, but should not tempt you to get carried away.  So always only release as much as necessary, otherwise you will get roast piglets faster than you would like. The fan control can also be adapted and is really an interesting field for your own experiments. However, you should be really careful with the memory timings. Up copying can work, but it doesn’t have to.


However, one should not make any changes at a whim without some basic knowledge, because this will definitely go wrong and in the best case will only lead to instability. But this is exactly where i see the experienced and experimental community now! if you have tested your own settings and think they are worth to be made publicly available to other users – go ahead! our forum is exactly the right place for that. And maybe we’ll have some kind of Hall of Fame for Polaris one day? come on, you’ve got the tools for it now!

We make this software available here as it is and also ask you to refrain from any inquiries to the editorial staff regarding the functionality and application. For all feedback, the forum and active community is available to all readers free of charge. As a publication, we are only the mediator between the R.B.R.T. and the readers of our website.  In addition, the tool is offered exclusively for download from this homepage via a special installer.

All other sources may contain unauthorized or untrusted content. older versions or even malware. To avoid this, digital distribution of the software available here is explicitly prohibited, especially since this would also constitute a copyright infringement. Links may only be made to this website, but not to the download links themselves, whose URL we also change periodically.

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