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Minecraft finally shines with RTX On – Beta from 16.04.2020 freely available to all

Minecraft is a long-running game and is also the best-selling game in the world with over 176 million copies sold on all platforms. While the game was released 10 years ago, it is still one of the five most popular games on PC. NVIDIA has worked with Mojang Studios and Microsoft to bring ray tracing, physical-based materials, and DLSS 2.0 to Minecraft for Windows 10, as previously reported.

Nvidia will give us some first glimpses from time to time, but at least today I can show a little more, even if the game will not be officially available as a beta until 16.04.2020. In order to benefit from all new features, a GeForce RTX is required as hardware from 2060, which requires both the RT and tensor cores. Otherwise, the frame rates are likely to turn from playable into a fixed still image. In addition, Minecraft players will be able to explore six new RTX worlds that will be available on the Minecraft Marketplace from this day onwards, which Nvidia has developed in collaboration with community creators – all for free for players with Minecraft Windows 10.

Realistic and soft lighting as well as true ray tracing are of course interesting, but what one should look forward to in particular are the textures of the physically based reproduction (PBR), which, in contrast to the original textures, do not have basic color and opacity as properties, but also have a lot of additional material or material. surface properties. This makes the presentation much more realistic in the end. From the rough, matte surface of a stone to shiny, smooth ice, these materials certainly bring real life to Minecraft and look really worth seeing in combination with ray tracing.

With DLSS 2.0, Nvidia is trying to speed it up so that it remains playable on the GeForce RTX 2060 as an entry-level drug into the RTX universe. Since I have already written about DLSS 2.0 several times, I will of course not repeat myself in detail at this point, but one promises for this game a performance up to 1.7 times more than without DLSS, which the player of course likes to take with him especially with the smaller cards. Upscaling and yet crisp images no longer have to be a contradiction and you can certainly be surprised.

With a few high-resolution screenshots I can also serve, just scroll through and marvel:

The current preview video can of course give an even better impression than just static screenshots:

Source: Nvidia



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