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Logitech Zone Wireless Headset – Home Office without headaches?

Home office, working for hours on the PC, staying mobile, still being accessible and all without cables?  Gaming headsets are usually the worst possible solution for such purposes and who makes home office or the Logitech Zone Wireless could be quite happy. Today's test should clarify how useful this headset really is for everyday use in everyday life and where there might be stumbling blocks.

After all, we are at a street price starting at just under EUR 190, which recently was even slightly less than EUR 160. However, the demand seems to confirm the benefits and so, unfortunately, one pays a certain Corona surcharge here too. But be it as it is, I wanted to test the part anyway. And that's why I'm starting a slightly longer self-experiment.

Accessories and scope of delivery

You get the headset, a USB charging cable (unfortunately no Type-C), a Blue-Tooth dongle (Type A), as well as a somewhat labyrinthine fabric bag for transport. Where others provide a solid hard case, only a simple, fabricated dust protection is included, which is a pity, but in the end it is painful, because today it is about the home office. What you don't see, but can still download, is the right app for your smartphone, with which you can also control it.

Logi Tune for the desktop is also advertised full-bodied and I would of course have liked to have tested it very much, because the headset is also used exclusively on the PC. But since you will find nothing to download on the bottom of the game except for a vague announcement that the software will be "DEMNÄCHST AVAILABLE" (this status has been there for quite some time), there is no disappointment and a bland taste. Almost 190 Euro street price and the forced connection to the smartphone for the office? This is quite unrealistic and unfortunately very annoying. This is because you also advertise the firmware updates via software. If they ever exist.

Optics, feel, comfort and functionality

Without verbal gaming phrases in the product description, it can be acted much more freely, even in terms of the emphatically simple design. PU foam meets matt ABS injection molding and some light metal applications – ready. In terms of colour, all this is tone-on, nothing stands out as an accent or stands out excessively. Small, round and cuddly. Remarkably inconspicuous, then, which in this case is really a compliment. the unavoidable, very smooth microphone arm is pivotable, but not bendable for a more optimal microphone position.

The mute is integrated in the arm and whoever uses the additional button will probably adjust the arm immediately with. So you can also turn it up or down immediately and do without the button. It is interesting, by the way, that the arm can be swivelled in both directions, which makes the headset also interesting for left-handers, who use the mouse on the left and would prefer to use the right hand for the control, which is now in the earphone part with the microphone. Unfortunately, this is not meant to end, as there is no channel switching (L R) in the <->app.</-> That would have been the icing on the cake. But this is enough for communication, only music sounds a little strange.

The weight is also low enough with the measured 180 grams to give the head a relaxed long-term feeling. This is also due to the design of the ear pads and the handle, whereby besides the long hole in the headband for length adjustment, one can only rely on its flexibility and the soft, very adaptable ear pads of the on-ear design. However, this is quite sufficient for a stress-free seat and the necessary long-term comfort, especially since the upholstery has a passive ventilation, which has been realized by a small air duct towards the outside. (picture below, top left)

The headset cannot be operated analogously, but only via Bluetooth. But seamlessly with three devices at the same time, which at least maintains the connection to the PC if you want to configure something via app. Nevertheless, the lack of the long-announced, but not yet realized PC app is a real weak point. Speaking of Connection – Bluetooth 5.0 is on board, but you won't find the better codecs, although it wouldn't necessarily serve the purpose. For a voice connection and the simple music playback, what is required is quite enough. The status LED for the charging status and the connection is just as self-explanatory as the combined power on/off or Bluetooth button for pairing.

The ANC, i.e. the active noise cancellation, works quite well, but rather discreetly and due to design also not in the complete exclusion procedure. Certain freequency ranges are well recorded and attenuated (e.g. Street noises with an open window), but higher vocals (children's voices) hardly. For this, one hears a clearly perceptible background noise. However, the ANC is a small power eater and if you don't want to give up 1-2 hours more running time, you should just disable it.  In the side part of the earcup you can find volume control and the connection button for the conversations and I am happy once again that you have not installed a hip touch-cruncher here. Just don't tear it up that far, then you can easily get over a normal working day with the headset.


Battery life and charging

Speaking of electricity and eating. The manufacturer's specifications are rather optimistic, because even without ANC, music and phone calls can be reached around 12 hours at a rather discreet volume in mixed operation. The stated time of 14 to 16 hours for different scenarios seems to me to be quite optimistic. The charging time is about two hours, which is very long. Here, the outdated micro-USB cable prevents a smart quick charge as well as the simple QI function, which also does not support a Quick Charge. What was it like with the working day? With my current 12-14 hours, it gets a bit short at the back, but you still have the lunch break for the QI.

QI works quite well when you fold the headset and then put it on the QI shell, but it takes up to 3 hours before you get the battery back to full. All this I think is quite a real defect in this price range as a whole, because at least a Type-C plug and the chip for fast charging could have been donated to the customer for this price. Some competitors can already do this better. But not all of them.

Before we come to the sound check and the overall evaluation on the next page, I have the data sheet as PDF for you:


Logitech Zone Wireless (981-000798)

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