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Grinding radiator bottom: Intel and convex become AMD and concave | Reader test and picture story

Our forum member Casi030 has recently given himself up to the grinding again and since many readers write that heatpipe direct touch is bad, he has once done a test for himself with a massive radiator floor. For this, he has secured a Scythe Kotetsu Mark II TUF Gaming Alliance to compete against the AMD Wraith Prism and the Arctic Freezer 33 eSports ONE with a direct touch. In the first test, however, it was immediately apparent that temperatures rose uncharacteristically fast. Already with the CineBench the CPU temperature soared extremely upwards, so that it was throttled quite quickly at 95°C.

Then he carefully took off the scythe and looked at the WLP image, i.e. the imprint. Unfortunately, he found that this cooler has an Intel-compatible bottom that relies on a convex bulge to fit into the concave bulge of the Intel heatspreader to ensure better contact.

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