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Gigabyte GTX 1070 Ti G1 Gaming – Light and slightly pretentious but cool

Compared to many others who have simply adopted the board and cooler of the GeForce GTX 1080, Gigabyte relies on the revised design of the GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming. In terms of performance, this board is more than sufficient, only for cooling... Gigabyte uses the board of the GTX 1070 Ti G1 Gaming for the GTX 1070 Ti G1 Gaming in the second revision. This is very interesting in that gigabytes simply rotated the GPU by 90°, the voltage converters of the GPU to the left and the memory ... Important preliminary remark We had already mentioned it at the beginning that almost exclusively the resulting boost clock rates of each GTX 1070 Ti determine the final performance and thus the so-called GPU lottery and not the manufacturer and model.... Power consumption at different loads The power consumption in the gaming loop is pretty much exactly on the point that Nvidia has set as the power target with 180 watts. In the Torture Loop, the power consumption is also almost exactly on this W... Overclocking The limits of this card are identical to those of competitors with similar Power Target. With an adjustable Power Target of 122%, the card approved almost 215 watts and was already over the voltage and unfortunately also the Pow... Cooling system and backplate Of course, the generated waste heat is directly related to the recorded power, for which the cooling solution is responsible for optimum dissipation. The backplate can even actively help here, because it serves not only... Summary So a lot of effort and effort really did not work to materialize the in-house GeForce GTX 1070 Ti G1 Gaming in this form. Good mediocrity, but at least priced. More seems Gigab...


So a lot of effort and effort really did not work to materialize the in-house GeForce GTX 1070 Ti G1 Gaming in this form. Good mediocrity, but at least priced. Gigabyte doesn't seem to have wanted any more, which shows once again how the board partners think about this placeholder card, which is not allowed to have any OC ex works. In this case, this has obviously completely slowed down the instinct for the game.

Nevertheless, this card can definitely score if you are looking for a lightweight that does not load or bend the board. Interestingly, it is only a little more than half too heavy like the Zotac GTX 1070 Ti Amp! Extreme, but under load not really louder or slower. Thanks to the working fan stop automatic, it is completely silent in the Idle, which Zotac cannot do.

– very light
– acceptable installation dimensions
– Dual slot card
– only quiet coil fiep
– active cooling baking plate
– OC only by software
– OC margin average
– moderate Power Target
– Processing
– relatively noisy (full load)


The problem of all GeForce GTX 1070 Ti also applies to the Zotac card to the full extent, because there are no more unique selling points in the performance. Unfortunately, the limits of overclocking, as well as the actual performance from value, are always the same within a certain tolerance range. Here, GPU lotto and room temperature alone decide, the rest is just a nice accessory. And this is exactly what Gigabyte has deliberately dispensed with and invested only as much in cooling as you need for a clean operation.

The card has passed the test and will surely find its buyers. However, it is not an outstanding piece of hardware because of the slightly noisy fans. But it is really light, flat and fits loosely in not too wide housings. This, too, can be an advantage that could easily outweigh the slightly high operating noise. Then the disadvantage becomes even more of a feature.

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