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With the upholstery and the contours it is like with the great love. Some like it hard, others rather soft and fuller. And since you can't please everyone, it has to set up a new model. Was the Ep... The assembly order recommended in the manual is somewhat illogical and in practice rather hindering. We have therefore documented the assembly in the individual steps chronologically, whereby our variant is mainly characterized by a simpler e... Ergonomics and seat test We tested the armchair with a total of three people. While the male adolescent (16 years, 1.75 m tall and 56 kilos heavy) and the woman (37 years, 1.70 m tall, 67 kg heavy) with the seat in all positions already r...

With the upholstery and the contours it is like with the great love. Some like it hard, others rather soft and fuller. And since you can't please everyone, it has to set up a new model.

If the epic by Noblechairs (pictured bottom right) was still rather a hard journeyman with a rather contoured seat and neat side guidance, the much softer and more neutral icon (bottom left) leaves more room for the wide cross of Klaus-Kevin, as well as the rather classic tamper with baroque superstructure by Jacqueline-Chantal. Pizza-shaped body meets seat, fits.

The individual variants of the icon differ only in the material and the coloring of the cover. In addition to the four variants with PU imitation leather, Noblechairs also offers three colour variants with genuine leather (on the seat). The typical Diamond-Stitch is represented here as well as the surface-structured ventilation in the PU variants. The fact that the manufacturer advertises this version as vegan is rather amusing, because PU is usually a purely petrol chemical product anyway.

The following diagram shows how the parts of the armchair can be moved, We also see very clearly that the maximum usable seat width has increased significantly compared to the epic. On the one hand, this makes it easier to find a comfortable grip on the somewhat more compact body shapes, but on the other hand, the rather narrow flyweights will have a hard time. This begins with the wider coordination of the arm rest distances and ends at the popo, which is then completely thrown out of the way during epic twitches, because simply the side stop has been lost.

Ex-factory, five 60 mm rollers are supplied, which are suitable for both hard and softer floors. Stoppers, however, do not offer them. If you need something like this (which is recommended), you can buy the appropriate rolls in the shop for just under 30 euros extra, because a pre-configuration is unfortunately not possible. However, normal rolls from specialist retailers also fit here, because the diameters of the fastening pins are standardized.

The same applies to the gas pressure spring. Noblechairs offers 1.5 cm or even 3 cm shorter gas pressure springs, which you have to order beforehand. Unlike many competitors, Noblechairs KGS CO Ltd. uses the gas springs as an ODM. KGS stands for Korea Gas Spring and thus for a relatively young, South Korean company, which meanwhile also has well-known manufacturers such as Kia, Ford, Daewoo, etc. supplied with gas springs.

The Class 4 springs installed here in the icon are individualized OEM models, which you can not find on the normal homepage. The shortened variants beat again with approx. 30 Euro to book, which is unfortunately quite self-confident, since the normal price is around 10 US dollars and you can buy comparable products in good retail also as an end customer under 20 euros. These also fit if the diameter is correct.

The scope of delivery is standard in the class and nothing is pre-assembled except for the armrests. You get the two chair surfaces, the mechanics, the aluminium foot cross, the five rollers, two cushions (neck and lumbar cushions), a kind of assembly instruction (English only), as well as the required screws and a small multifunction tool (inner hexagon + cross slot).

But before we just get rid of it, once again the most important technical data and facts in the tabular overview:

Foam padding: High-density moulded foam
Foam density: Eel 55kg/m3
Frame: Steel, coated
Reference material: Genuine leather or PU synthetic leather
Colour variants PU: Black, Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/Platinum White
Colour variants leather: Black, Cognac/Black, Midnight Blue/Graphite
Adjustable armrests: 4d
Size armrest rest (L x B): 24.5 x 10 cm
Chair mechanics: Multifunctional rocking mechanism
Rocker lock:
Tilt angle locking:
Adjustable angle of inclination: 0° – 14°
Gas spring: Class 4, KGS
Type of backrest: High backrest
Adjustable backrest: 90° – 135°
Head and lumber pillows:
Cover material head and lumber pillows: Textile
Base: Aluminum foot cross
Roll: 60 mm
Assembly necessary:
Safety standards:
Chair (General): DIN EN1335
Gas spring: DIN 4550
Weight and dimensions:
Seat (L x B): 57 x 51 cm
Maximum seat height: 58 cm
Minimum seat height: 48 cm
Maximum armrest height: Eel 40 cm
Minimum armrest height: Eel 32 cm
Backrest height: 86 cm
Backrest width in the shoulder area: 39 cm
Packaging size (L x W x H): 87 x 70 x 38 cm
Maximum size of the user: 185 to 190 cm
Chair weight: 28.4 kg
Maximum permissible weight: 120 kg (150 kg short-term)

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