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Retro: Comparing Gaming Performance on 6 Windows Generations | 10 years ago


I published this article a little over 10 years ago and when I browsed the old content I also came across this entertaining treasure, which many certainly do not know anymore. Interestingly, for some time now, the contents of the German localization of Tom's hardware ( in the so-called "Wayback Machine" are no longer available (the access has been removed), so it is always good to keep all the data of your own content still on the hard drive. So let's take a little time today and look back.

With a little smile on the face, because the digital forgetting does not work with a few instructions and certainly not with an administratively forced redirect to the US side instead of the (still existing) snapshots, which unfortunately no longer work. are publicly available. To avoid legal confusion, I removed the logos of the chart graphics. The copyright of the article is my property. Just delete it? Need!

Original article

After dealing with new games and the current technical development in previous game tests, this time, just before the official release of Windows 7, we take a look back. Almost 15 years have passed since the introduction of Windows 95 as the first 32-bit operating system for the normal home user from Microsoft, if one does not have Windows NT 3.1 or 3.5, which could never spread and a similar fate suffered like Windows ME.



So what was more obvious about conducting a game and benchmark test based on a unified hardware, selected games, and programs? We were not fully aware of the fact that this would create almost insurmountable hurdles, of course, at the moment when the idea was born. Without anticipating the results at this point – with a few small limitations, we succeeded in this test at the end. Especially with the help of manufacturers and the community here in the Tom's Hardware Forum, for which we would like to thank you in advance.

However, we do not only want to publish pure measurement results, but also, above all, describe the ways we had to go in order to eliminate all technical problems. It was an interesting experience with many memories and aha experiences. This resulted in a test from Windows 95B to Windows 7.

Time Travel into the Windows Past

Once upon a time… So not only does a fairy tale usually begin, but actually also our test. Let's remember: August 1995, on the radio Scatman John follows us with "Scatman's World" at every turn, on TV the newly laid teletubbies annoy us together with the already somewhat old zonk and it appears, accompanied by a hitherto incomparable Advertising effort, the first 32 bit Windows for the wide range of users: Windows 95. If you don't remember the specially composed registration sound, here's a little acoustic reminder:

After this test, we would like to introduce all retro fans to a revived dual CPU system with two Pentium III CPUs, on which we could even test some games. Of course, we pick up this little candy until the end. First of all, it is time to plan the current test.

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