Clone Warrior Battle: Aorus AGC 300 Gaming Gear in review

Everyone is now doing in chairs, whether it's a provider of gaming peripherals or pure hardware manufacturers. Look for an ODM, have the logo and colors adapted for the corporate identity and the stylish seating is ready, of which we are... Assemin is not a witchcraft, but even the simplest instructions can mislead. Therefore, we break the specified order again, which turned out to be useful. But the beginning with the foot cross and the wheels is still full ... Ergonomics and seat test We tested the armchair with a total of three people. While the male adolescent (16 years, 1.75 m tall and 56 kilos heavy) still coped reasonably well and the woman (37 years, 1.70 m tall, 67 kg heavy) was able to...

Everyone is now doing in chairs, whether it's a provider of gaming peripherals or pure hardware manufacturers. Look for an ODM, have the logo and colors adapted for the corporate identity and the stylish seating furniture is ready, of which we will now test one.

With the AGC 300, Gigabyte would like to complete the desk under the Brand Aorus and offers the customer the right, black-orange bowel movement in addition to VGA, motherboard and input and output devices.

Anyone who finds similarities to models of DXRacer has already observed well, even if it is a real ODM product. However, it is already harder to narrow down the list of armchair manufacturers on the basis of the armrests, rollers and foot crosses used, because whether Workwell (Anji Wei Wo), XuanLong, Hebei Lejiang or whoever – the suppliers are usually the same.

The price often makes the difference and you usually find out what you have just got when you open the box. Because quality can also be smelled, or ideally, it's not. The Aorus AGC 300 exuded the typical Odeur of a large pile of pink Crocs copies at a Chinese night market.

Money doesn't stink? Well, at 245 euros then apparently already. To save our honour, however, we must also add that the room perfume had then evaporated after a few days.

But what do you get for your money? At just under 250 euros, of course, only the PU leather imitation in the Aorus house colours remains, leather is not included. The footcross is also a typical polyamide product, but it still looks durable.

One of the most important components is the gas pressure spring. With approx. 10 USD it is one of the cheaper components, but it is extremely important for a sufficient life expectancy of the overall work of art. The spring used by MDI (Fu Luong Hi-Tech) is Class 4 certified and makes a stable and unsuspecting impression. There is also much worse here.

The five reels are also more average, but have built-in stoppers. Thought along and gained plus points! The surface is very suitable for carpets, and you should pay attention to laminate.

Of course, this chair is also a real manual work, because only the (partly) pre-assembled) larges, screws, socket keys, the foot, the rollers, a gas pressure spring, a manual and of course plenty of Asian air. Smell like bright, or something…

What is missing from the really perfect chair, however, are two things. Unfortunately there is no rocking mechanism, but you can only tilt the backrest (almost completely). And the armrests can only be set in height. Those who are more Baroque built will quickly reach their limits.

As always, we test the Aorus AGC 300 on an electrically height-adjustable table in order to set the necessary heights for the different test subjects in advance and thus also to be able to test them better.

But before we just get rid of it, once again the most important technical data and facts in the tabular overview:

Foam padding: Medium-density moulded foam
Foam density: no indication
Frame: Steel, MDF (seat)
Reference material: PU faux leather
Colors: Black/Orange
Adjustable armrests: 2d
Size armrest rest (L x B): No information
Chair mechanics: No. Only backfold can be folded   
Rocker lock: No
Tilt angle locking: No
Adjustable angle of inclination: None
Gas spring: Class 4
Type of backrest: High backrest
Adjustable backrest: 90° – 180°
Head and lumber pillows:
Cover material head and lumber pillows: PU faux leather
Base: Polyamide foot cross ("Nylon")
Roll: 50 mm wheels with brake function
Assembly necessary:
Safety standards:
Chair (General): DIN EN 1335-1/2/3
Gas spring: DIN 4550
Weight and dimensions:
Seat (L x B): 55 x 50 cm (39 cm net)
Maximum seat height: No information
Minimum seat height: No information
Maximum armrest height: No information
Minimum armrest height: No information
Backrest height: 82 cm
Backrest width in the shoulder area: 52 cm
Packaging size (L x W x H): 84 cm x 67 cm x 35 cm
Maximum size of the user: 180 cm
Weight: 21 kg net
Maximum permissible weight: 120 kg

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