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Details leaked on AMD’s upcoming AM5 desktop platform – Zen 4 Ryzen CPUs, Socket LGA 1718, dual-channel DDR5 memory and 600 series chipset

Meanwhile, more details on AMD’s upcoming AM5 desktop platform supporting future Ryzen CPUs and APUs have been released by leaker ExecutableFix. The AMD AM5 platform will compete directly with Intel’s new 600 platform, as both will be the first platforms to also offer consumer DDR5 memory support.

According to this leak, the next generation CPU and APU along with the AM5 socket will be the biggest platform upgrade in several years for AMD. The (still) current AM4 socket has survived four generations of Zen architectures so far, starting with Zen, Zen+, Zen 2 as well as the current Zen 3 CPUs. Starting with Zen 4, AMD will then move to the AM5 platform to support future Ryzen desktop CPUs and APUs.

One of the biggest changes that will be relevant with the AM5 platform is the change from the PGA socket to the LGA socket. The pins that have been used for ages instead of gold-plated contact surfaces (pads) should then finally be a thing of the past. The AM5 platform is said to use the LGA 1718 socket and, as the name suggests, will be able to contact 1718 pins in the socket for the first time. That is 18 pins more than Intel’s LGA 1700 socket offers, although Intel itself also mentions an LGA1800, which in turn is larger.

Other features of the AM5 platform include the upcoming 600-series chipsets. The X670 PCH will reportedly be the flagship, replacing the X570. The X670 motherboards will support dual-channel DDR5 memory with native speeds ranging from 4800 up to 10,000 as hinted by DRAM vendors. It’s also interesting to note that the new AMD platform is sticking with PCIe 4.0 support for the time being and not moving straight to PCIe 5.0 like Intel’s Alder Lake.

PCIe Gen 5.0 will only be supported by Genoa, but it looks like future AM5 platforms will also support this technology if AMD sees the need for it to support next-gen graphics cards, for example.

The next generation of Zen 4-based Ryzen desktop CPUs will likely be codenamed Raphael, following the naming convention with the famous painters, and will replace the Zen 3-based Vermeer CPUs. According to the information currently available, the Raphael CPUs will be based on the 5nm Zen 4 core architecture and feature 6nm I/O dies in a chiplet design. AMD has also floated the idea of being able/willing to increase the core counts of their next-gen mainstream desktop CPUs once again, though we’ll have to wait and see what Intel even offers in terms of performance with Alder Lake-S.

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