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Data recovery made easy: EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Professional. We are giving away 5 licenses of the brand new full version! | Update

5 Keys draw – The raffle is complete and the 10 winners have been drawn!

First of all: the legal process was and is of course excluded as always! The closing date for participation was 06.09.2018 at 23:59. Duplicate entries were considered a violation and, to be fair, could not be taken into account. The received mails were routed to a special mailbox by means of subject filters and only temporarily stored there until the raffle. We will notify the lucky winners later this day and send them a digital key that is valid for life without time limit.

And yes, you read correctly! Since hundreds of readers took part, I just put a few more keys on it, so that a total of 10 lucky winners have been determined. Just have a look at your mail box at noon today! For privacy reasons, I have since deleted all received mails, so that you have only one attempt. If you don't pick up the mail, it's your own 😉


Original article from 31.08.2018

Who doesn't know the nasty moment of terror when something is missing or nothing is possible? It is always stupid about the story that such things like to be completely completely hidden mentally until they happen. And always exactly when you can't use the disaster.

Or you've quickly gone a click too far in the fire zeal of the battle. With an astonished "Oops" you can't really get any further.

In the end, it doesn't even matter how the data got lost. Deleted trash, hardware failure, virus, hard drive crash or whatever – always good advice is usually expensive. Hectic actions and downloading questionable tools that you've never tested often only make things worse. So what to do?

With the "EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Professional" it is very often possible, e.g. deleted content or the data of formatted partitions, including the file names in their former paths. At least if they haven't been overwritten yet. Even if the free freeware version already offers a lot – limits are always annoying.

But would you always like to spend as much money on a full version? We now have exclusive 5 keys of the as yet unreleased new version 12.8 for you, which we are giving away fairly among all requesters!


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