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Competition stimulates business – Cybenetics expands certifications for power supplies as a counterpart to 80 Plus

Cybenetics was founded four years ago with the goal of introducing new efficiency and noise certification standards for AC-DC power supplies (PSUs) through its ETA and LAMBDA ratings. In these four years of being in business, nearly 800 power supplies have been certified and over a thousand beta tests have been conducted so far. This was also done to help brands around the world deliver better products. In addition to power supplies, they are now positioning themselves to beta test the performance and noise emissions of PC cases and CPU coolers. In addition, another program is under development that will measure and certify the overall noise performance of graphics cards in addition to performance measurements via the new Powenetics solution.

Cybenetics remains open to change in everything they do, and certainly won’t hesitate to make drastic changes when necessary. For some time now, for example, competitors have been using the names of metals as logos to describe their efficiency as strikingly as possible. And while Cybenetics has tried to change that with a supposedly simpler system, they haven’t had much success with it. The habit factor of the customers and the scepticism as well as reservations towards something new were too big.

So it was time for a fundamental change for Cybenetics as well. The new badges, which are also used by competitors in a similar form and are also accepted by customers, replace the respective efficiency level of the previous Cybenetics system. All changes in assessments will take effect from the beginning of 2021. They are also introducing a new level above Titanium: Diamond (formerly A++) and there is a slight change in the requirements and prerequisites for each level, with the new requirements for both 115V and 230V shown in the tables below:

The requirements for the LAMBDA rating (noise emission of power supplies) remain the same…

… as well as the requirements for the DELTA classification (sound insulation for chassis):

Nevertheless, all badges (logos) will change for this as well, in order to guarantee a uniform image.

Source: Cybenetics

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