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Caution rip-off! OpenCore Computer advertises a supposed hackintosh with AMD Ryzen 9 3950X and Radeon VII and forgets the essential

Sure, it would be too good to be true that you can buy for relatively small money, Oops Bitcoins, a fully functional Ryzentosh that suddenly eliminates all AMD hardware problems and is the first project to run really clean. Just the unlawful seizure of the name of the (rightly indignant) OpenCore community and the misuse of the corresponding logos alone makes the alarm bells ring. If they weren’t already trapped in the continuous tone because of the nebulous payment method and the silly rendering image.

I have long considered to bring the whole thing as news at all, because to support fraud even with coverage is quite dangerous, if a reader skims such a text only briefly and then makes a mistake, which he will regret later bitterly. Specifically, it is about the Internet presence “OpenCore Computer” and what is offered there. I don’t even want to go into detail, because it’s all fake anyway. Unfortunately, some media have fallen for this scam and advertise this quite obvious scam with news and pictures. That’s exactly why I used a little more red than usual.

The mere fact when this domain was registered in Panama should have made the searcher suspicious, even if the server is located in the USA.

After a short consultation with our friends from the German Hackintosh Forum, there are still many technical hurdles that speak against such a ready-to-sell and fully featured Ryzen-based Hackintosh. Because even though the OpenCore boot loader makes a lot possible, the community cannot do magic.

What’s obvious?

  • Unauthorized use of the OC logo
  • Using the OpenCore name to suggest that the developers are behind it, which is not the case. The developers of OpenCore clearly distance themselves from this
  • Payment only by Bitcoin (Dubios)
  • One update and the PC will stop working, if Open Core Computer ever delivers a computer at all

AMD Hackintosh problems

  • MacOS is basically written for Intel CPUs, which means that there are compatibility problems both in terms of functions and applications.
  • Adobe software that uses the Intel ISA Extension does not work, you can patch it, but it will not work
  • No native power management and accordingly the power consumption
  • Virtualization only possible to a limited extent
  • Problems with Logic Pro and Audio Input and numerous plug-ins for music production
  • So far, the development of patches that bend Intel-exclusive queries or wrapping and replacing (up to the clean boot process) inadequate and unreliable The OpenCore bootloader people have nothing to do with the patches for the AMD CPUs. That makes a completely different community. OpenCore is Intel.

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