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Selpic P1 – The world’s smallest printer pen at Indiegogo soon for under 100 USD

Selpic, based in California, specializes in intelligent printing products and solutions and will soon introduce a brand new portable printer pen at Indiegogo – the Selpic P1. This printer pen is not only the smallest printer pen in the world, but most importantly, it’s powerful enough to print anything on almost any surface. And, according to the provider, it is definitely worth the money. 

This pen-like hand printer is at least versatile, because it can be used to print text, photos, logos, barcodes, QR codes on almost any surface, not only paper, but on almost any surface including metal, textiles, plastic, wood, leather and other porous materials – simply by moving it.

With a size of only 5.12*1.22*0.94 inches and a weight of only 0.4 pounds (181 grams), the Selpic P1 is ultra-light and portable, so it can easily be stored in a shirt or trouser pocket or any other suitable place. Although it is small and light, the Selpic P1 is powered by a 7-volt lithium-polymer battery, which is said to provide an operating time of at least 3 hours. Also the printing performance is said to be excellent, as it can print about 90 pages of A4 paper. It is therefore certainly perfect for business trips, events, courses or the office.


With a resolution of 600 DPI and advanced water-based ink, this mini-printer enables instant printing of high quality, vibrant and lightfast designs. In addition, this portable printer can print multiple lines as well as create variable speed prints. It can also be adapted as required in this respect. With a sleek design and comprehensive printing software, this affordable tool works over Wi-Fi and is surprisingly easy to use.

In the end, all you need to do is download and install the app on your phone or PC/Mac, upload the design you want to print and press the print button. Then you slide the printer onto the surface at the place where you want to print – printing has never been so easy.

We’re interested: The Selpic P1 will soon be available at INDIEGOGO for only $99. But in order to enjoy exactly this super early bird discount (55% off the $199 RRP), you should be quick. Because this discount only applies to the first 500 supporters. For more details and ordering please visit the Indiegogo page of the Selpic P1.

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