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Caught in frog green sandwich: MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT Gaming X in test – price will decide success

Fan speeds over temperature curve

AMD’s fuzzy logic for the fan control doesn’t have to be understood, but that’s where our MorePowerTool comes in, in order to smooth it out a bit. You can smoothen both the start-up and the rest of the process. The GeForce comes with the usual start-stop hysteresis and behaves rather moderately. So both cards fans are running extremely slow and MSI’s new TF7 design (Twin Frozr 7) with now 14 rotor blades lives up to its name. Cool and quiet. That’s how you like it.

In pure numbers it looks like this

  MSI RX 5500 XT
Gaming X 8GB
MSI GeForce GTX 1650 Super
Gaming X 4GB
Closed Case
GPU temperatures
70-71 °C 61-62 °C
Fan speed 1069 – 1102 U/min
950 – 959 U/min
Air temperature in closed case 44 °C 40 °C

Noise emission

One hears almost nothing and that is quite suitable to fire the cosy deep red fireplace ambience of two evenings with sympathy. What was not possible with Polaris is now finally possible with Navi. So you can let the fireplace and love glow and not the living room PC with 3D-animated combustion process. Cooling down 145 watts is of course no witchcraft, but it’s virtually inaudible. So that’s a perfect fit.

Smaller card, less power consumption and even more silence when turning the fans. Whereby, these are values that can only be measured in very, very quiet or insulated rooms. The 30 dB(A) against the 29.8 dB(A) are really nothing to get upset about with both cards.

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